Series 185 ASCO Transfer Switch, Manual and Automatic ATS

An ASCO 185 Transfer Switch helps your generator start in a matter of seconds following loss of utility power

Since power outages can cost you thousands of dollars in terms of damage to your residence or lost profits to your business, the Series 185 ASCO transfer switch provides that crucial link you require to count with a reliable power supply, seamlessly, hassle-free, every time!

Benefits of Purchasing a UL1008 listed ASCO 185 series 100 Amp, 200 Amp, 230 A, 260 A or 400 Amp transfer switch:

  • The highest quality and most complete power transfer switch for Residential and Light duty commercial applications
  • The peace of mind that comes with purchasing from the industry leader and the pioneer in every major transfer switch improvement in the last century
  • 24/7 Free technical support Nationwide with an impeccable customer satisfaction record
  • A Transfer switch entirely designed, engineered and manufactured in North America
  • Only Premium components in terms of quality, performance standards and reliability
  • The most out-of-the-box features on comparable products

With decades of expertise, impeccable customer satisfaction and 24/7 tech support, an ASCO transfer switch delivers top of the line quality with the tranquility of purchasing from the industry’s leading transfer switch manufacturer. Browse below for all SERIES 185

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