100 to 200 AMP Transfer Switches

From tremendous industries to powering water pumps, transfer switches play a vital role in power transferage from the fuel-based generator to the destination. Transfer switches have numerous sizes based on their ampere levels and offer various applications in every power-oriented system. 100 to 200 AMP Transfer Switches brought to you by General Power are for daily-use appliances, HVAC purposes and emergency backups.

Transfer switches of 100 to 200 amperage is sufficient to transfer power for residences, restaurants, telecommunication and data centers, small commercial and retail shops, farmyards, schools, clinics, etc.

Benefits of 100 to 200 AMP Transfer Switches

  • Peace of mind: With the installation of a fresh transfer switch, the power-oriented tasks will continue to be taken care of due to automation features.
  • Reliability and energy efficiency are increased with the installation of 100 or 200 AMP transfer switches; this impacts the power optimization and low operational costs!
  • General Power transfer switches are most versatile, easily compatible and customizable ones.
  • Ready-to-use technology with their advanced and speedy switching feature assists newbies to get hold of the product’s systems without complexity hassles.
  • Space efficient: 100 to 200 amp transfer switches are smaller in size because they are for smaller power generators. Easily mountable on floors or walls to save space in control rooms, cabinets and electrical panel closets.

If you are willing to purchase these products, then scroll up our complete transfer switch collection only at General Power. We offers quality and long-term guarantees of transfer switches, therefore choose wisely today to secure a good future.