60Hz Alternators

Suitable for all industrial and commercial applications, the variety of 60Hz alternators that are available in General Power's stock are not only fuel efficient, but they also tend to survive in rough environments. Quality is never a compromise at General Power, so if you're looking for a 60Hz alternator generator for sale, you're at the right place and the perfect time!

Choose the Best Alternator Generator with General Power

Our team of experts at General Power believes in providing our customers with first-grade quality and uncompromised efficiency, so our wide range of 60Hz alternators will be the most suitable match for all your industrial or commercial applications.

  • Consisting of a speed 20% higher than 50 Hz alternators, a 60Hz alternator is ultra-efficient in supplying electricity for consecutive hours without interruptions.
  • Due to the higher centrifugal forces, the 60Hz alternators available at General Power are energy-saving and make no compromises on their overall performance, making it a more reliable option for every business owner to consider.
  • Specially designed by the number one manufacturers in the genset market, all alternators for sale are top-tier, reliable, and durable.
  • Different 60Hz alternators for sale have other numbers of poles, such as two or four poles.
  • Two 60Hz alternators operate efficiently at about 3600 RPM, while four pole alternators run at about 1800 RPM.

60Hz Alternators for Sale are Highly in Demand!

With the growing necessity of having a backup generator, every business nowadays needs to own a good quality alternator generator that can sufficiently channel more significant amounts of electricity for the company to utilize in case of power failure. Hence, if your business needs an energy-saving alternator as well, schedule a call at 1-888-819-5646, and our 24/7 support services will be there to assist you in every step that you take. Invest now!