Transfer Switches By Poles

The demand for top-notch quality power generators and their necessary switches and regulators is increasing by leaps and bounds. Transfer switches brought to you by General Power come in various sizes, types, features, and custom settings; the most widely used are automatic transfer switches.  

Automation and manual settings are both an option for Transfer Switches By Poles. It depends upon convenience, power rate, voltage, current frequencies, and power coverage to select either a 2 or 3-pole transfer switch for the generator.

  • If the generator offers a heavy power load (up to 200 KW to 800 KW +), it will demand a high AMP transfer switch or 3-pole transfer switch for more power coverage.
  • If the generator offers moderate power backup for a small business shop, residence, clinic, etc., then a 2-pole transfer switch meets the requirement.

Benefits of Choosing Our Best Transfer Switches by Poles

  • Our exceptional transfer switches by poles feature seamless and safe power transfer for any phased electrical system.
  • Compatibility matters a lot in this case; our diverse collection of transfer switches by poles leads to the most satisfactory and suitable purchases.
  • We support long-term guarantees of our products. General Power pole transfer switches are of the finest quality, well-equipped technology, and user-friendly models.
  • General Power features long-term guaranteed and top-rated manufactured products for its precious clients. Ease of use and peace of mind both hand in hand!

Choose transfer switches very wisely because of numerous electrical hazards, overloading of the generator, expensive equipment destruction, and incompatibility of the transfer switch from which the generator can even fail to transfer anything upon a power outage. Our transfer switches categorized by amperage, poles, and types come in handy for the perfect purchase. For booking details and more information, Contact us today!