1200 AMP Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are the ultimate electrical devices that can improve the power supply, support the generator of excessive pressure, and monitor, manage, and balance all power-related hassles. It is one of the generator necessities that can’t be ignored! Our well-equipped 1200 AMP Transfer Switches serve a generous benefit to commercial, industrial, residential, and even hospital sectors. It has tons of advantages that can be listed as follows:

Benefits of 1200 AMP Transfer Switches

  • General Power 1200 amp transfer switch is sufficient for various purposes, especially for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling) demands in any institution and faculty.
  • The moderate amperage is perfect for powering commercial buildings, offices, a plaza, and larger residences and can handle power monitoring and transferring efficiently and effectively.
  • Emergency backup becomes easier to automate and handle with a 1200 amp transfer switch that covers up all necessary lighting, ventilation, and connected appliances.
  • The moderate amperage transfer switches can come in handy in losing off a heavy budget as well. 2000 amp transfer switches will comparatively be more expensive than 1200 amp transfer switches.
  • It is also easier to install and maintain as it offers excellent compensation for both, budget and power needs.
  • Hospitals and clinics require a 1200 amp transfer switch to switch and support continuous power supply for ventilators, refrigerating chemicals, medicines, and blood banks.
  • The industrial sector cannot delay a minute of critical operations; heavy-duty to moderate transfer switches come in handy in this case.
  • Our moderate amperage switches such as 1200 amp transfer switches, are sufficient to meet energy requirements, handle heavy loads, seamlessly transfer, monitor remotely, and control safely.

Our transfer switches are either manual or automatic, moderate to high amperage, and are categorized by series. We offer top-notch branded products of 1200 AMP Transfer Switches in our inventory to support businesses big and small. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now, to get your hands on this excellent product and power up your business unstoppably!