Alternators By Frequency

With the rise in power generator demands, there is also a dynamic escalation in generator alternator requirements. Frequency Alternators brought to you by General Power are top-notch products selling far and wide. Frequency is a significant characteristic; accordingly, we offer these alternators in series that meet the requirement of your generator for seamless categorization. 

The frequency of an alternator is directly proportional to the number of poles in the structure of the alternator. 2 poles will originate one cycle of voltage per second, and 4 pole alternators will alternatively originate two cycles of voltage per second. It is to maintain the electrical output by bearing a proper frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz.

Advantages of Alternators with 50Hz or 60Hz Frequency

  • The frequency is labeled in the description of each alternator available in our inventory. This distinct characteristic reduces the risk of equipment or electrical hazards and ensures an efficient flow of power production because of compatibility.
  • 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies are appropriate standards in-built. Therefore, it simplifies buying, servicing, installing, and further processes. Our factory standards assist generator users and utility workers to adjust the alternator accordingly.
  • Installation of alternators used worldwide is as per the requirement of the region. A frequency converter can be opted for frequency adjustments and conversions.
  • Our alternators at General Power efficiently optimize and enhance performance at standard frequencies. Our generators match this expected frequency to ensure coherent and systemized operation.
  • With appropriate frequency and standardization comes plenty of pressure efficiency to prevent excessive stress and wear and tear on the alternator. We ensure the alternator matches the generator power ratings to process at a safer and more steadfast rate.

Neglecting a poor alternator can prove quite risky and lead to numerous problems such as overloading, system shutdowns and failures, overheating, alternator weakening, and, in prolonged cases, even a hazard. General Power can ensure the regulations, codes, and configurations, arrange the installation, and provide online assistance, making the most out of your product purchased.

Top Rated Manufacturers featured by General Power

The top four brands widely preferred are Leroy Somer, Stamford, Mecc Alte, and Marathon Electric AC alternators. We provide well-equipped and guaranteed alternators because power generators rely on this precise machine for maximum functions. Gladly, we have the most exclusive range of top-notch solutions for you to consider. To learn more, call us at 1-888-819-5646 because frequency alternators are readily available to be shipped the same day of order. Seal the deal with us today!