Single Bearing Alternators

The easiest way to identify a single-bearing alternator generator is to observe whether or not it has a single bearing on its central shaft. At General Power, our stock inventory contains all sorts of sale alternators manufactured by world-famous manufacturers, such as the super-efficient Leroy Somer alternators.

If the generator contains only one bearing on the generator's main shaft, then it means that you're looking at a single-bearing alternator. So, if you plan to purchase an alternator for industrial applications, General Power is your go-to store to check out!

Premium-Grade Single Bearing Alternators, Only at General Power!

The expert professionals at General Power believe that the most prominent feature of any electrical machinery or equipment is their ability to demonstrate efficiency. Several businesses worldwide operate successfully based on their increasing levels of efficiency. Hence, our team at General Power is fully dedicated to offering you innovative alternator generators.

  • Leroy Somer alternators are considered highly reliable due to their ability to withstand poor working conditions.
  • Easy to install, such alternators are less burdensome for business owners to establish.
  • Their convenience is such that each alternator can be used to channel heavy power supplies to the premises.
  • Single-bearing alternators can easily be paired with the engine, unlike a double-bearing alternator that might require technical assistance by a skilled professional.
  • Suitable for several industrial and commercial applications, General Power is ready to provide you with international warranties for this number-one quality, single-bearing alternator.
  • Not only are they long-lasting, but they also save you a lot of money due to lesser repairs faced by our buyers.
  • Available in brand new, 100% original condition, these alternators are fully certified and individually tested at General Power.

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

While searching for other opportunities might sound like a good option, you shouldn't risk causing any delays. Hence, check out our exclusive variety of in-stock alternators online and select the one that suits you best. At General Power, our brand-new products are also available to be shipped the same day as soon as your order is placed. Give us a call at 1-888-819-5646!