Leroy Somer Modules

Empowering the rapidly advancing world of high-quality, ultra-efficient alternators, General Power brings you the most suitable range of modules manufactured by the world-famous alternator manufacturer Leroy Somer. Taking over the responsibility of distributing Leroy Somer's incomparable yet reliable alternator parts and modules, your alternator generator is in safe hands with General Power's expert-level technical assistance and several years of valuable experience in the field.

High-performing Modules for All Alternators

The efficiency level of an alternator generator is measured by observing the ability of the power generator to ensure a reliable supply of electric power. To encourage the genset to perform well, alternator modules prove to be quite useful in boosting the alternator's overall performance. Here are a few reasons why purchasing the right alternator module from General Power will prove to be a worthwhile investment for alternator generator applications:

  • Present in their brand new condition inside our stock inventory, every alternator module by Leroy Somer comes with an international warranty that extends for one year.
  • Provided for all stocked units of Leroy Somer modules, each unit is individually tested and fully certified to satisfy our customers' every requirement.
  • Manufactured entirely in France, quality assurance is our promise
  • Not only are these modules available for direct pick-up from our store, but you can also apply for same-day shipping in case you need the product urgently.
  • Coupled with Leroy Somer's flawlessly performing voltage regulators (AVR), your alternator module will function significantly.

The effectiveness of low-performing alternator modules might be a cause of concern for several alternator generator users. Still, with Leroy Somer's guaranteed assurance and General Power's international warranty, our customers have nothing to be concerned about. Invest a few bucks in your alternator module with General Power because we guarantee you nothing but perfection in every aspect and at highly affordable price.

Opportunity to Invest in the Best

Entrust General Power with the responsibility of providing you with super efficient and highly reliable Leroy Somer alternator parts and modules so that your alternator generator can function flawlessly without facing the threat of supplying unreliable electric power for your business applications. Please request a quote via our website only or contact us today at 1-888-819-5646, and our support services will be available 24/7 to assist you in every way.