110kVA to 200kVA Diesel Generators

Uncover the backbone of trustworthy power solutions with our 100kVA to 200kVA Diesel Generators range. At General Power, we take pride in providing clients with reliable and efficient power generation options for a broad spectrum of needs.

Our generators are well-equipped to meet various industries' requisites, be it small or large businesses; ensuring uninterrupted operations when you need it the most is our promise. With a focus on quality, durability, and efficiency, our generators are the go-to solution for your company’s power requirements. Take a look at what we have in store and see why General Power is a credible name in the world of generators.

At General Power, we offer top-notch products, exceptional service, and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, we understand that questions and clarity are essential when selecting the right generator for your power needs. Our FAQ section below answers all your queries on fuel consumption, the capabilities of a 120 kVA generator, or the best fuel for industrial use, keep reading to know more.

100kVA to 200kVA Diesel Generator FAQs

Explore our FAQs to gain insights into your power requirements and why we are the preferred choice for generator solutions.

How much fuel does a 120 kVA generator use?

A generator’s fuel consumption is largely dependent on the amount of electricity it produces in terms of kW, known as wattage. General Power offers a wide range of generators producing 120 kVA starting at 60 kW to 120 kW. 

  • The average fuel consumption rate for a 60 kW generator is 4.8 gallons per hour under full load.
  • Our 120 kW generator uses an average of 9.1 gallons of fuel per hour under full load.

This means that after a full eight-hour day of workload, a 60kW generator will have used a little over 38 gallons, while a 120kW generator will have used 72.8 gallons of fuel in the same amount of time. You can easily find guides and request quotes at the bottom of the page if you need live assistance.

How much can you power with a 120 kVA generator?

How much a 120kVA generator can power depends on how much voltage it produces.
A 120 kVA generator powers as much as its voltage rate because there is a critically sensitive relationship between wattage and voltage regulation for the safety and reliability of the generator in use. Once you know the wattage requirement for your business, it is easier to come down to the best brands because we have it all.

General Power offers a vast range of generators producing 120 kVA starting at 60 kW or as per demand.

  • Generators that can produce 60kW can successfully power the appliances and equipment of a small to medium business or office.
  • 120 kW industrial generators can support backup for medium factories, large offices, or large industrial equipment.

Which fuel is best for industries?

Diesel is absolute for industrial and commercial generators because it possesses heavy-duty and rugged boosting characteristics to support huge power backups. Sometimes, natural gas and propane gas are utilized in smaller industrial sectors due to storage problems, but diesel is a versatile fuel that can also shed down your expenses.

Why Choose General Power?

The best part of choosing General Power is that we have branded repair and replacement parts, exclusive guarantees, worldwide warranty perks, and 25% cost-effectiveness! Our diesel generators are approved by Load Bank Tests USA, therefore these products are guaranteed to bring long-term satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding our generators, contact us today regarding our products’ price, brand, or inquiries on delivery. We are here to help at any time.