185A2200F4M Series 185 - ASCO | Automatic, 200 AMP

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200 AMP ASCO Transfer Switch, 2 Pole, NEMA3R, 240V
ASCO ATS Series 185 185A2200F4M (Replaces ASCO Series 165 165A2200F3F)

Although a diesel generator may seem like the cornerstone to your backup electricity solution, your standby system will never be complete without a highly reliable Automatic Transfer Switch.


What is an ASCO Transfer Switch?

An ASCO Series 185 Transfer switch is the combination of a HIGHLY dependable switch mechanism, a programmable ASCO Group 4 intelligent controller and an ALUMINUM corrosion resistant enclosure perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, even in coastal areas. In simpler terms, the primary purpose of the ATS is comparable to that of your conventional air conditioner thermostat: to monitor the room temperature and to automatically start and stop the AC unit based on your criteria.

In the same way, an ASCO transfer switch is the cornerstone to a truly Automatic generator system: it will consistently monitor your mains utility power and Automatically start and stop the electric generator set ensuring continuous power to your house or business.


How does an ASCO series 185 ATS work?

A Series 185 transfer switch combines the industry's highest safety and performance standards along with cutting edge technology to automatically provide you with power without interruptions. The ATS works as follows:

  1. In the event of your utility power failure (Normal Source), the series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch orders the standby generator (Emergency Source) to start and warm up in preparation to accepting the load.
  2. In just seconds, or based on your desired configuration, the Group 4 ATS controller triggers the transfer switch which within milliseconds safely switches the load from the Normal source to the Emergency source.
  3. In the background, the ASCO Group 4 controller continues monitoring both the availability and the stability parameters of the Normal Source. Upon observing and verifying that acceptable parameters are present and maintained for a preset time window, the ATS controller will then trigger the switching mechanism again to transfer the load from the standby generator to the Utility power. Also within milliseconds.
  4. To maximize the lifespan of the engine, the transfer switch will order it first into a cool down period of time before ordering it to shut down completely.
  5. Now that utility power has been restored, the standby generator will remain on Standby mode while the ASCO controller once again enters its monitoring function and remains prepared to activate again in a matter of seconds.


Main Features of a 200 Amp Series 185 transfer switch:

After 80+ years of leadership in the industry, ASCO has been able to set their name apart from the competition by utilizing the same heavy-duty industrial-grade switches used in the 300 series ATS product line. The series 185 has been consistently identified as the top choice across residential and business users.

Below are some of the standard features:

  • A reliable control panel which allows effortless operation, reconfiguration and even full system testing with the simple push of a button.
  • LED indicators have been conveniently inform you of the availability of either power sources and the position of the transfer switch.
  • 100% a single source solution. All the parts, components, design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and warranty support are delivered by .
  • 100% manufactured in North America, 0 outsourcing of components to cheap unreliable Chinese suppliers.
  • Fully compliant and individually labeled to UL1008 Quality and performance standards.
  • Free 24/7 technical support with impeccable customer satisfaction record is available nationwide.
  • The ATS enclosure is Secure outdoor rated and manufactured entirely of highly corrosion resistant Aluminum, at no extra charge


Available in the range of 100 amps to 400 amps, in either indoor rated and Secure rated Aluminum enclosures, each Series 185 ASCO transfer switch delivers the best balance of 80+ years industry expertise, a heavy duty industrial-grade switching mechanism, 24/7 free customer support, and best in class engineering.



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