Transfer Switches By NEMA

In a world of progress where success is the destination, power must never fall into unreliable hands. NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association) ensures the reliability and safety a machine requires to operate and execute tasks. We present Transfer Switches By NEMA, famous worldwide for advanced types, compatible and flexible coding and configuration. General Power ensures well-equipped and original NEMA transfer switches for industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors.

Here are some values and reasons why NEMA is an absolute choice for generator owners.

Various Types and Compatibilities

The first and foremost feature of transfer switches by NEMA is their diversity and compatibility factors.

  • Outdoor switches
  • Indoor transfer switches
  • ATS or automatic transfer switches series
  • Pole-wise transfer switches
  • Service Entrance transfer switches

All with their particular power and current ratings, voltage capacity to meet the standard of the generator and electrical system of the industry are available by NEMA on authentic online inventories and collections.

Features of Transfer Switches By NEMA

The best thing about technology is that there lies room for upgrades, and companies like NEMA ensure product advancement. Here are some advanced features of their ATS products:

  • Offering complete operation and control, both manual and automatic, depending upon the type of transfer switch
  • Wiring, grounding or earthing, voltage, and current ratings are tested before sale.
  • The products come with long-term guarantees and duty structures for extra durability that withstands weather, harsh environments, burdens, and continuous stresses.
  • All ATS are highly efficient for emergency systems, power outages, and continuous usage and backup consumption. The products are reliable due to automation and precise feature technology that embeds acceptable codes for proper functioning and easy control.

There must be no compromise on quality; therefore, selecting General Power transfer switches can be the ultimate progress booster for the industry, a one-time investment that will provide hassle-free growth of the sector without power delay. Millions of companies can progress, but only the planned and prepared can be significant. Do not let minor inconveniences hold the business down, contact us today buy transfer switches by NEMA to be your industry’s excellent alley!