EPA Flex Diesel Generators

Gensets exempt from Tier 4 diesel emissions rules

General Power offers EPA Flex diesel generators through its line of GENPOWERUSA gensets. The EPA established new emissions standards for generators in 2004, requiring all non-emergency generators to be upgraded to Tier 4 Final by 2015. Those Tier 4 emissions standards require particulate matter to be reduced by over 90% and nitrogen oxide emissions by 45%.

After later finding that the new standards didn't create significantly cleaner exhausts while costing manufacturers more, they took intermediate steps. To offset the cost of new manufacturing, the EPA gave manufacturers some flexibility in complying with the EPA Tier 4 regulations. It created the Transition Program for Equipment Manufacturers, better known as T.P.E.M. or flexibility program.

This allows General Power to build FLEX diesel generators that are exempt from some new EPA standards. These generators are 100% designed, engineered, assembled and tested in the United States and they feature:

  • Heavy duty John Deere, Kohler, and Perkins diesel engines
  • Leroy Somer and Stamford alternators
  • Deep Sea digital controllers
  • ABB breakers
  • COWL critical aluminized silencers

Know if you have an EPA Flex engine

Every EPA compliant engine must have the proper labeling to indicate that it meets the national standards and regulations. EPA Flex engines must also have a permanent label to supplement the engine manufacturer's emission control information label. This label indicates that the engine is exempt.

It should have the these marks:

  • Corporate name and trademark
  • Calendar year in which the equipment is manufactured
  • Email address and phone number to contact for further information, or a website that includes this contact information
  • Following statement: THIS EQUIPMENT [or identify the type of equipment] HAS AN ENGINE THAT MEETS U.S. EPA EMISSION STANDARDS UNDER 40 CFR 1039.625.

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