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GENPOWERUSA: Industrial Generators Made in the U.S.A.


 A GENPOWERUSA generator, made in the U.S.A.

Inclement weather, natural disasters and aging power grids all contribute to a growing problem facing businesses around the world: power outages. According to data from research firm E Source, power outages cost businesses in eight key industries over $27 billion annually. Without the right backup power system, you could be one of them.

You also should consider your mobile needs and how you will power specialty equipment. If you don’t have enough power, you’ll need to bring in a generator.

So how do you choose the right generator for your business?

Some generators are manufactured using cheaper aftermarket parts and components that undermine your generator’s long-term operation. While these generators may be cheaper upfront, more frequent part failures and subsequent downtime drive up total cost of ownership. A cheaper generator might cost you much more down the line. You should always demand higher quality alternators, engines, silencers, enclosures and controls in your genset.

At General Power, we understand that reliable backup power starts with high-quality generator design, assembly and engineering. Here’s how GENPOWERUSA delivers best-in-class performance with generators that are built to last.

The GENPOWERUSA Difference

Fully-Packaged Design

Every GENPOWERUSA generator comes fully equipped with features and components usually reserved for heavy-duty, industrial grade generators. Standard features for GENPOWERUSA generators include:

  • Deep Sea digital controllers
  • John Deere, Perkins and Kohler diesel engines
  • Weather-proof silent enclosures
  • ABB circuit breakers
  • Delixi circuit breakers
  • Aluminized, critical grade silencers

Top-Notch Design and Assembly

Each and every GENPOWERUSA generator is designed, engineered, assembled and tested at our plant in the United States. This allows our team of experienced engineers to closely oversee manufacturing and quality assurance from start to finish.

Custom Engineering

Your power needs are unique — so unique, that a standard generator set may not have the functionality you need or want. Our in-house team of designers and power experts can provide mechanical and electronic engineering; in-house 3D CAD design; and prototyping and testing support for backup power solutions tailored to your business.

Premium Components

All GENPOWERUSA generators feature premium components from industry-leading brands like John Deere, Perkins, Kohler, Leroy Somer and Stamford. Better component selection means a higher quality generator that works better, lasts longer and delivers reliable power whenever you need it.

Comprehensive Selection

Your industry, location and power requirements all impact what type of generator you need. While many manufacturers only carry one or two generators in a certain category, GENPOWERUSA features a comprehensive selection of generators for diverse power needs, including:


  • EPA Tier 2/3/i4
  • EPA Tier 3/i4 FLEX
  • EPA Tier 4 FINAL


  • Skid-mounted
  • Trailer-mounted
  • Steel
  • Marine-grade aluminum


  • Stand-alone
  • Paralleling

Superior Customer Service

Every GENPOWERUSA prime generator is backed by a 1-year, 2,000-hour international warranty along with expert backup power support whenever you need it. Standby generators have a 2-year, 1,000-hour warranty. Plus, our diverse inventory of generator parts and accessories that are ready for same-day shipment to any country around the world. With GENPOWERUSA, you’ll never be left without power when you need it most.

Find a Generator For Your Power Needs

To learn more about what sets the GENPOWERUSA brand apart, download our brochure.

To find out how our team can build a custom GENPOWERUSA generator just for you, call us at 1-833-428-0674 or request an immediate quote.

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