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Rental-Grade vs. Industrial-Grade Generators for Mobile Applications

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Whether you’re searching for a backup power solution for your home or business, it’s critical to select a generator that meets your specific power needs. This is especially true if your application requires a mobile generator, which can be moved to a variety of locations.

Mobile generators come in a variety of sizes, power ratings, and types, each designed with a specific application in mind. Yet among the many types of generators, few have the versatility, durability and performance of a rental-grade generator.

Industrial vs Rental Grade Generators Comparison

What’s a rental-grade generator?

Similar to an industrial generator, rental-grade generators are more powerful than many of their residential counterparts. They are often used in high-demand or prime applications like special events, on construction sites, and in emergency relief scenarios.

However, a rental-grade generator is distinct from an industrial generator in a few ways. Unlike standard mobile generators for industrial or commercial applications, rental-grade generators are:

  • Built to endure the toughest conditions
  • Offer more built-in features for superior flexibility
  • Are more user-friendly and easy to operate
  • Offer enhanced safety features
  • Better sound attenuated enclosure (quieter when compared to industrial units)

An easy way to distinguish between a standard mobile generator and a rental-grade generator is to think of them like vehicles on a car lot. If industrial generators are the standard version of a particular car model, a rental-grade generator is the “fully loaded” version that includes more features built into its design.

For this reason, rental-grade generators tend to be more expensive than standard mobile generators — but they are well-worth the extra expense in certain environments.

Where are rental-grade generators used?

Virtually any environment where a mobile generator is needed would benefit from the features of a rental-grade generator. Some of the most common applications for rental-grade generators are:

Special Events

Special events require a generator to be more adaptable to different power needs, since they are often connected with a variety of systems rather than just one. These different systems may require different voltage levels to operate, so the inclusion of multi-voltage selectors makes rental-grade generators a great choice for these applications.

Other helpful rental-grade features for special events include:

  • Multi-Voltage Selector switch
  • Power Distribution Panel
  • 24+ Hour double-walled Fuel Tank
  • 35 DBA Critical Class Silencer

Construction Sites

Construction sites require tough equipment that can withstand the elements as well as the hazards of a work site. They also must be easily moved from one location to another, often across difficult terrain that requires a heavy-duty trailer. Generators on construction sites must be able to withstand everything from rain to dirt, so rental-grade enclosures are a must-have feature in these applications.

Other helpful rental-grade features for construction sites include:

  • Heavy Duty Trailer
  • Marine-grade Aluminum Enclosure
  • Power Distribution Panel
  • Oversized Alternator

Emergency Relief

Emergency relief is a common application for rental-grade generators, since longevity of operation is crucial in these scenarios. These generators often need 24+ hour fuel tanks that can continuously operate for a longer time than many other types of generators, especially since fuel is not always easy to come by in emergency scenarios.

Since emergency relief generators are often deployed during weather events, they must also be tough enough to withstand rain, hail, wind and debris.

Other helpful rental-grade features for emergency relief include:

  • 24+ Hour Fuel Tank with 110% Fluid Containment
  • Power Distribution Panel
  • Marine-grade Aluminum Enclosure

Temporary Backup

While most businesses have stationary industrial generators for backup needs, not all businesses experience enough blackouts to warrant this considerable investment. Instead, many businesses or institutions that require only short-term power may opt for a rental-grade mobile generator. These applications often demand longer operation, so 24+ hour fuel tanks are helpful.

Other helpful rental-grade features for temporary backup include:

  • 24+ Hour Fuel Tank
  • Automatic Battery Charger Kit
  • External Shore Power Connectors

Commercial Rental

Unsurprisingly, if you plan to purchase a generator for commercial rental, rental-grade features are a must. Features like 1 Phase / 3 Phase voltage selector switches allow for these generators to be used for an even wider range of applications, including homes to businesses to work sites.

Other helpful rental-grade features for commercial rental include:

  • Heavy Duty Trailer
  • 1 Phase / 3 Phase Voltage Selector Switch
  • 24+ Hour Fuel Tank

Offshore and Oil Drilling

Offshore and oil drilling environments are perhaps the most demanding of all industrial applications. In addition to durability against the elements, generators in these settings must also adhere to safety and environmental regulations on these specialized work sites. This means that double walled fuel tanks and marine-grade enclosures are a must.

Since generators in these applications are not always easily accessible, rental-grade features like remote monitoring and control is helpful to keep workers safe and in control of the generator’s operation.

Other helpful rental-grade features for offshore and oil drilling include:

  • Double Walled Fuel Tank with 110% Fluid Containment
  • Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Marine-grade Aluminum Enclosure
  • ABB X/T Series Main Line Breaker 

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