100kW - 175kW Commercial Diesel Generators

General Power’s offerings in 100-175 kW commercial diesel generators are all entirely assembled, manufactured, and tested in the USA out of our Miami, FL plant. Actively serving over 100 countries across every continent in the world, we are the solution for all of your power needs. We carry commercial generators from leading brands, including: 

  • John Deere 

  • Cummins

  • Perkins

  • SDMO

Our selection of 100-175 kW generators are ready to stand the test of time in a variety of uses and applications, featuring products with the following EPA compliance ratings:

  • EPA CARB Tier 4 Final

  • EPA Tier 3 FLEX (TPEM)

  • EPA Tier 3 Stationary Emergency

  • EPA Tier 3 TPEM FLEX Mobile Prime

  • Export Only


100 kW to 175 kW Diesel Generator FAQ:

What can a 100 kw generator power?

100 kW generators are designed to power large businesses and offices in the event of a power outage. These generators are perfect for business that use a large amount of computers or personal electronics because they are built to handle the large power surges required to power up a large amount of electronic equipment.

How many amps in a 100 kw generator?

The amount of amps your 100 kW generator produces can vary based on conditions like elevation, temperature, fuel quality, and age.  However, in an ideal situation where your 100kW generator is performing at peak performance and using an input voltage of 240 volts, your 100kW generator should be producing around 417 amps.


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