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400 AMP ASCO Transfer Switch, 2 Poles, NEMA3R, 240V

ASCO ATS Series 185 185A2400F4M 400 AMP Transfer Switch (Replaces ASCO Series 165 165A2400F3F)

The ASCO 400 Amp transfer switch provides you with an easy, safe, secure and reliable way to switch between your Normal power source and your Emergency power source in the case of an outage. Whether for home or business use, it is a way to ensure that you experience minimum down time as the result of a power cut.

The Series 185 transfer switches are the HIGHEST QUALITY product currently available in the industry, engineered and manufactured exclusively in North America by ASCO: a pioneer in generator transfer switch technology and the original inventor of the ATS. They back up their high manufacturing standards and strict component selection with free 24/7 nationwide technical support.

First, why do I need an ASCO ATS?

When your (Normal) primary source of power is cut, whether the result of power company failure, weather disruption, or something more sinister, your assets can be protected by switching to a generator. This generator can keep essential operations running, from freezers to security systems, ensuring that the power cut does not cause damage or loss.

Even when equipped with a manual switching mechanism, the process of manually starting and manually switching on to a generator will always result in a window of time without power. While this may be minimal if you happen to be on site, if you are not, it could mean your US $10,000+ generator is worthless. Similarly, the need to fully switch between power sources, especially in the event of an emergency or storm, can be highly hazardous and unnecessarily expose you to accidents.

Second, what does the ASCO transfer switch do?

The ASCO 400 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch removes the risks associated with a power loss. Upon detecting a voltage dip or a total utility failure, the ATS automatically switches to your emergency generator for power. It then switches back to the main power source when it detects that the supply has been restored and is stable. It can be set to allow a pre-programmed delay, ensuring that the generator is not switched on unnecessarily during an instantaneous power outage and restoration.

This ensures that your power loss is at an absolute minimum, keeping everything in your home or business safe and secure. It also has a built in feature to allow a cool down period of your generator, ensuring long lasting generator life.

Third, is an ASCO Series 185 ATS easy to use?

The highly simplified design of the ASCO Group 4 control makes the Series 185 very simple to use, even by users without a technical background. This simplicity makes it ideal for many uses, such as retail businesses where employees might be the only ones present during a power cut. A simple LED display indicates which power source is being used and intuitive symbols make it easy for any user to understand.

Lastly, why should I buy an ASCO 400 amp ATS?

Once installed, the ASCO Transfer Switch makes switching hassle free. There is no need for untrained operation of generators or switches, and no need to make a judgment call about when to make a switch. By eliminating guesswork and delayed switching, you could potentially protect yourself against loss of comfort, loss of productivity, lost profits and even accidents.

The Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch is an ideal choice for use in controlling generators with a 2 wire dry-contact (no voltage) ATS starting circuit. The NEMA1 cabinet is a hinged steel enclosure suitable for indoor use, whereas the NEMA3R cabinet is a double door Aluminum construction enclosure suitable for high corrosion resistance environments, even harsh coastal areas. The complete transfer switch is listed to UL1008 and is UL listed for Canadian installations. It also meets Article 702, NFPA-70 National Electric Code requirements.

It can be used in both residential and light commercial applications. The Series 185 Transfer Switch can be used to maintain the power to essential circuits, such as freezer and refrigeration units, security systems, and temperature regulation, such as heating systems and air conditioning systems.

With simple, user friendly operation, the installation of a 400 Amp transfer switch is both a long term solution and a smart investment that will keep any home or business safe and secure. With the backing of 80 years of experience, top quality North American production, and 24/7 free technical support, an ASCO ATS from General Power gives you peace of mind and the knowledge that your assets are in good hands.




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