400kW to 600kW Diesel Generators


400kW to 600kW Diesel Generator FAQ:

What can a 450 kw generator power?

If you’re looking to power a large office building or a factory with multiple large industrial machines, a 450kW generator should be perfect for you. These large machines are built to handle extreme power surges caused by the use of large machines or large amounts of personal electronics. With a generator that can produce 450kW of power, even large industrial factories can stay online and powered up.

How long will a 450 kw diesel generator run?

Since 450kW diesel generators are designed to power things like office buildings and industrial factories, these kinds of generators are built to run for extended periods of time, sometimes for as long as 10 hours. However, the total time a diesel generator can run really depends on how big its fuel tank is.

How much does a 550 kw diesel generator cost?

The cost of a 550kW diesel generator is largely determined by the specifications needed and the application. Since these generators are versatile and suitable for a large number of different uses, their prices can range greatly, but all are quite expensive. 550kW diesel generators can cost anywhere from $11,000 to more than $100,000.