400kW to 600kW Diesel Generators

Dive into our world of robust power solutions, guaranteed to help your company generate the energy required to keep your business up and running no matter what. Take a look at the wonders of 450 kW and 600 kW diesel generators as we offer insights on how they can serve your commercial power needs while helping you make the right decisions for your specific requirements.

A 600 kW diesel generator can support heavy machinery, HVAC systems, data centers, and large-scale operations, typically any equipment/ procedure requiring higher power ratings. However, before you proceed, we suggest you consult your electrician, keep tabs on your budget and potential bills, and inquire about power usage before opting for a 600 kW diesel generator for commercial purposes. 600 kW is an enormous power supply; hence, choosing the right generator for the exact load requirement ensures the safety and reliability of the generator.

400kW to 600kW Diesel Generator FAQs

Got any questions? Don’t worry! We are here to help you with some frequently asked questions so our clients can ensure decision-making more than following up on ambiguities.

What Facilities/Equipment Can a 450 kW Generator Support?

If you’re looking to power a large office building or a factory with multiple large industrial equipment and systems, a 450kW generator should be perfect for your business; here’s why:

  • These robust diesel generators are built to withstand unpredictable power fluctuations and prolonged outages.
  • They can handle the loads of HVAC systems and extensive usage of personal electronics.
  • Our exclusive 450kW to 600kW diesel power generator can support immense industrial factories to stay online and active without a delay of a single minute.
  • 450kW generators brought to you by General Power are highly equipped, quality-tested, and ultimately certified by Load Bank Tests USA.

What is the Expected Runtime of a 450 kW Diesel Generator?

If the 450 kW generators are all that great, how long can they actually run? Let’s put it to the test with some facts:

  • 450kW diesel generators are designed to power things like office buildings and industrial factories
  • The total time a diesel generator can run depends on its fuel tank size. With regular maintenance and servicing, the generator can exceed 30,000 usage hours, which is about 3.4 years.
  • Many industrial generators from our inventory can even last for decades.
  • These generators are built to run for extended periods, sometimes for as long as 10 to 12 hours.

How much does a 550 kW Diesel Generator Cost? 

The cost of a 550kW diesel generator is primarily determined by the specifications needed and the application. Since these generators are versatile and suitable for many different uses, their prices can range greatly, but all are pretty expensive. 550kW diesel generators can cost anywhere from $11,000 to more than $100,000.

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