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AVK avr dealer

You have come to the right spot if you were looking for official parts dealers from America! We support brands and manufacturers of generators and their accessories from all over the world. AvK automatic voltage regulators brought to you by General Power are supreme products to get your hands on today!

Presenting the Best AVK Automatic Voltage Regulators at your Doorstep!

General Power is an authorized Official Parts Dealer for GENUINE AvK products in North and South America; it includes its line of 100% original and reliable Automatic Voltage Regulators. AvK is a world leader in power generation. We carry the largest authentic AvK inventory, with 1000+ units of AvK AVRs for the longevity and safety of your generators. They are top-notch quality AVRs with a diverse range and super compatibility features that protect fluctuations, sags, and spikes at all costs. 

Why do you need an AVR Shipped Today?

Automatic voltage regulators for industrial generators are the absolute investment of a generator’s lifetime guarantee. AVRs appear small in size but possess a much bigger impact on the generator’s power reliability, longevity, and safety. AvK AVRs are critically tested to overcome generator problems such as spiking and dangerous voltage sagging, burnouts, voltage overloading, and frequent fluctuations.

Our Specialized AVR Products Features

  • AVRs are extremely crucial electrical devices to support and maintain an accurate and constant voltage.
  • They exceed the longevity of the product your generator is powering, charging, or backing up.
  • Our AvK automatic voltage regulators are compatible with industrial generators and commercial diesel generators of every brand.
  • Our AVR inventory has hundreds of branded, certified, and credible products that can be shipped the same day as you make the order. The best part is, that our products can be shipped worldwide in any corner of the world!

AVRs depend upon the wattage of the power generator. Larger diesel generators will alternatively provide much larger power wattages and will require bigger AVR devices to regulate higher voltages produced by them.

Get to Know Our Perks and Products More

  • 100% of our products are purchased directly from the original manufacturers
  • 100% of our products are individually serialized and can be individually tracked back to the factory
  • 100% of our manufacturers will gladly certify the origin and authenticity of our products.
  • Our extensive on-hand inventory provides quick, easy, and expedited delivery worldwide.
  • We also provide reseller and special quantity discounts

General Power has the largest inventory of spare parts in the nation along with the most competitive pricing in the market. Our highly strategic and centralized location is only minutes away from the Port of Miami and Port Everglades. It's also near Miami International Airport and several hundred freight forwarders in the Miami area.

We positively encourage clients and customers to call our support or simply request a quote to get in touch with us. We’ll guide you regarding each and every step until you are satisfied with your product.