225 to 400 Amp Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are essential electrical devices for every size and type of generator. It is utmost necessary to opt for a compatible transfer switch for your generator. General Power presents exceptionally designed 225 to 400 Amp Transfer Switches that are ready to use in commercial buildings, residential and small industrial sectors.

Benefits of 225 to 400 AMP Transfer Switches for Generators

  • Seamlessly compatible and customizable as per the requirement of the medium to small generator.
  • Faster switching connectivity and ease of controls for newbie workers.
  • Customization offers support to small businesses and can improve the efficiency of the generator by a great percentage.
  • 225 to 400 amp transfer switches are used for power transfer in a lot of places, including small shops, clinics, private laboratories, fish farms and water pump factories and other medium sized applications.
  • These are the most diverse forms of transfer switches because they support common businesses and can provide sufficient power for lighting, charging, ventilation, cooling, heating and other power oriented chores.
  • Smooth transition and faster switching feature assists prevent delay in power transfer.
  • Assist and provide comfort solutions during prolonged power outages and prevent critical overlapping.

General Power transfer switches have seamless accessibility and controls, majority are automatic and that benefits both the workers and the controllers that manage the generator system of the industry or area. We also ensure guarantee, warranty and worldwide shipping benefits for our precious clients and customers. Call us today! 1-888-819-5646