ASCO Transfer Switch Series 185SE Service Entrance Rated

A Series 185SE ASCO transfer switch delivers the unique combination of an ultra-reliable Series 185 ASCO switch with a circuit breaker disconnection service for utility power

This Service Entrance Rated transfer switch is ideal for locations with a single utility feed and emergency power source. Even when you are not there, the Series 185SE will seamlessly switch on your Emergency power source should there be anomalies with your normal power source.

ASCO Series 185SE ATS are available in 100 Amp, 200 Amp, and 400 Amp ratings. Some of the many benefits for your home and business include:

  • High-quality support 24/7 from industry experts who understand your urgency
  • An ATS that is certified by ASCO, the original inventor behind the Transfer Switch
  • A product manufactured to the highest quality in the industry and bearing the UL1008 listing
  • A product exclusively designed, engineered and manufactured in North America
  • A bonding jumper on both Ground and Neutral
  • Both the Grounding and Neutral bus are Silver-plated as standard
  • A Square-D circuit breaker disconnect on the Normal source isolates the ATS and other equipment

With over 40 years of experience, a dedicated 24/7 technical support team, and an excellent record of customer satisfaction, adding a Series 185SE ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch is an easy choice that balances affordability and the peace of mind from buying from America's largest transfer switch manufacturer.

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