3 Poles Transfer Switches

With the rise in industrialization and urbanization, the demand for power backups is dramatically increasing. Since industrial backup pumps more power and supports heavy-duty equipment and operations, 3-pole transfer switches are highly advantageous for industries.

The pole-wise series of transfer switches are offered per electrical system they transmit power to, therefore using a dual pole transfer switch for a single electrical system and a 3-pole transfer switch for a triple electrical system connection is appropriate. 3 Poles Transfer Switches suit best for commercial and industrial backups because there is always a need for more connections due to large power coverage. To your surprise, we have exceptional quality transfer switches by poles at General Power from high-rated manufacturers!

Advantages of Investing in Efficient 3 Poles Transfer Switches

Since it has three connections/ conductors, it is generally used in 3-phase power systems. Here are some key benefits of our supreme 3 pole transfer switches:

  • Efficient and compatible with backup power switching.
  • Less electrical equipment stresses, therefore smooth power utilization
  • Seamless switching between generator and utility power
  • Simple installation demands and easy-going emergency facility
  • Higher capacity and compatibility rate, especially for industrial sectors, data centers, hospitals, and heavy-duty power consumption sectors.
  • Essential for critical and sensitive operations, because these transfer switches ensure rapid switching between utility and generator power to prevent a delay of a minute.

Smooth and Efficient

The best feature of our 3-pole transfer switches is their proficiency and seamless, automatic power supply. It assists in well-managed, consistent, and equalized power distribution during an immediate blackout.

High Power Transmission Capacity

With more power comes great responsibility and management; industrial backup power sources must transmit power safely due to its large amount. The equipment and operations conducted at the industrial level are upon large-scale power, therefore a 3-pole transfer switch ensures significant and sufficient transmission throughout the outage.

Reduction of Wear and Tear

Due to the incredible balance and distribution features of 3 pole transfer switches, the overall maintenance costs go down because there are fewer wear and tear failures to create expenses and hassles

Flexible Infrastructure

In the future, if the industry expands and requires more connections, the 3-pole transfer switch will be flexible and compatible enough to handle changes in its infrastructure.

Our marvelous 3 pole transfer switches are perfect for balance, maintenance, and prevention of generator overloading. They are one of the best investments to make for the industrial and commercial sectors, indeed. We ensure standard products with long-term guarantees and credible warranties.