185A2230F4M Series 185 - ASCO | Automatic, 230 AMP

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230 AMP ASCO Transfer Switch, 2 Pole NEMA3R 240V
ASCO ATS Series 185 185A2230F4M (Replaces ASCO Series 165 165A2230F3F)

An Automatic Transfer Switch can be the key to your fully automatic application and intelligent standby system. Without one, a backup generator is just one more burden to worry about in the event of a power failure.


First, What is an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)?

A 185A2230F4M Transfer switch provides you 230 Amps switching capacity for Single phase (2 pole) systems. It is primarily composed of:

  1. The Group 4 fully automatic Transfer Switch, highly intelligent and programmable controller.
  2. The Secure highly corrosion resistant enclosure fully manufactured in Aluminum and rated for outdoor protection.
  3. The inherently interlocked switching mechanism with the ability, in milliseconds to securely, reliably AND consistently transfer the load from the Normal source to the Emergency source without ever running the risk of connecting to both sources simultaneously.


Second, What is the primary purpose of the ATS?

The primary purpose of the ATS, in simplified terms, is very much alike to that of your conventional AC thermostat: it monitors the room's temperature and automatically starts and stops the AC based on your parameters.

In the same way, the transfer switch is the key to a fully automatic standby generator system: by continuously monitoring your mains utility power and automatically starting or stopping your standby generator set.


Third, How does the transfer switch work?

Series 185 ATS combine best in industry engineering together with the highest safety standards to provide your electrical loads with a dependable power source.
To achieve its goal, the transfer switch does the following:

  1. Upon a failure of your utility power (Normal Source), the ATS controller signals the backup generator (Emergency Source) to warm and prepare to accept the load.
  2. Following your desired configuration, within a few seconds the control activates the transfer switch mechanism which will switch the load from Normal source to the Emergency source, within milliseconds.
  3. While the generator continuously supplies power to the electrical load, the ATS controller resumes to monitor the availability and the stability of the Utility power.
  4. Upon verifying that for a long enough window acceptable parameters are present and maintained, the transfer switch control will then again transfer the load from backup generator to utility power. Also within milliseconds.
  5. To maximize longevity in the engine, the ATS orders first a cool down period before eventually ordering the generator to shut down.
  6. Now the generator will remain on Standby mode as the ATS control will resume monitoring the Utility power stability.


Lastly, Why you should by an Series 185 ATS

With its 80+ years as the leader manufacturer of Automatic Transfer Switches, its devotion to engineering, design and quality control are well reflected in the series 185, which in part has achieved the lead position in the field of residential and light commercial range products.

These are a few of the many reasons why buying an Series 185 ATS is the right choice:

  • Single source manufacturing. All components, engineering, manufacturing, testing, quality control and warranty support are delivered by .
  • Manufactured in North America, 0 outsourcing of parts to cheap unreliable Chinese suppliers.
  • Free 24/7 customer support available nationwide and with an impeccable customer satisfaction record.
  • Compliant and individually labeled to UL8: the highest Quality and Reliability standard for transfer switches.
  • The Group 4 control delivers both reliability and effortless operation. Adjusting parameters via dip switches and even a full standby system test can be achieved with the simple push of a button.
  • The standard Secure outdoor rated enclosure is manufactured entirely of highly corrosion resistant Aluminum, at no extra charge


Available in ratings of 200 amps, 230 amps, 260 amps and 400 amps as well as indoor rated and Secure rated Aluminum enclosures.

ASCO's transfer switches deliver a perfect balance of 80+ years industry expertise, 24/7 free customer support, and best in class engineering.



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