Transfer Switches by Series

With enormous power requirements come more safety issues. It can be pretty tedious to manage power flow and not risk back-feeding without appropriate electrical management systems, that is where General Power’s range of transfer switches comes into play where we always have a solution for interrupted power supply.

At General Power, we productively work with industrial and commercial generators primarily as they support tremendous sectors. Our Transfer Switches by Series feature automation, reliability, and user-friendly design for utility workers and management to match heavy-duty generators’ requirements.

How to Choose Transfer Switches By Series?

The following reasons will guide you on how to purchase transfer switches by series as they can be quite significant for power generators:

  • Choosing the right brand to purchase transfer switches from can impact a lot on the power flow rate of the generator. Not an ampere of current goes to waste! We ensure only exclusive transfer switches on our website.
  • Back feeding reduces to zero because our transfer switches ensure the power flows in one direction towards the connected operating systems.
  • The automation feature of our exceptional transfer switches, no matter the type of switch, helps in easy and effective control access and management.
  • ATS, or automatic transfer switches, are reliable electrical devices for maximum energy efficiency and enhanced safety. They trigger on and off upon power outages and prevent complete blackouts.
  • We organize our transfer switches by series to accommodate numerous sizes and types of generators, matching capacities to meet requirements and many applications from commercial use to large-scale industries.

General Power’s Diverse Range of Transfer Switches

General Power offers transfer switches based on amperage from 70 to 80 amps up to 2000 amps. We also feature transfer switches from top-notch brands such as ASCO, GE Zenith, and NEMA that come in various sizes and capacities to match any power generator.

Among many transfer switches include; open transition transfer switches, programmable and bypass isolation transfer switches, but the widely used ones are ATS due to its user-friendly design. Transfer switches come in series, and whichever suits the power rate of the generator tends to last longer thus supporting more power.

When it comes to reliability, we are committed not to compromise. Make the most out of your power generators by purchasing high-quality and durable transfer switches from General Power for seamless, unlimited power supply.