Double Bearing Alternators

Power generators? It's more like the need of the day! The best power generator to opt for in the industrial sector is diesel-powered, and the best alternator in this range is a twin-bearing or double-bearing alternator. With heavy-duty comes a potential-bearing system; therefore, double-bearing alternators are designed and structured to promote the stability and longevity of an average alternator. Here are some points to ponder before making the final decision regarding the purchase.

Higher Durability, Longer Lifespan

As the name suggests, the dual-bearing alternators are ultimately more stable and, therefore, much more durable because of dual support for the rotor shaft. Put, a double-bearing alternator prevents less wear and tear of internal mechanics, less load on the bearings, and maintenance of balance overall. With dual bearings, compared to single-bearing alternators, the durability doubles in proportion because of load balance that lessens stresses on the paths, therefore enhancing their potential.

Load Capacity and Stability Factors

One facilitating component of a generator doubles the benefit automatically. Double-bearing alternators have higher load capacities with an even distribution of electrical loads. This step prevents excessive fears of system failures in generators, promoting the overall reliability of the machine. 

Load capacity is a significant factor of an industrial generator because it performs the heaviest load of continuous power production. With the assistance of double-bearing alternators, diesel generators get a boost of support. Therefore improving overall performance.

Voltage Regulation

Another prominent advantage of replacing a simple alternator with a double-bearing alternator for an industrial generator is the in-built voltage regulation mechanism. Voltage deviation endangers the sensitive and chargeable devices with backup connections and causes an imbalance in the generator’s internal system. Voltage regulation is often known as voltage control because it maintains the voltage flow to an optimum range.

Built-in Rectifier

Alternators have manufactured rectifiers installed to convert AC to DC usable current, but double-bearing alternators ensure higher reliability and efficiency of power flow and production.

Maintenance Factor

It is suggested to opt for the service and maintenance of industrial generators at least twice a year. For older models, thrice can be optional, but regular care, oiling, gear checkups, and refueling matter much about the generator's lifespan. Diesel generators can last up to 25 to 40 years straight with the proper servicing. 

The same is the case with its components; none will fall prey to wear and tear if proper conditioning is implemented on time. Double bearing alternators require good maintenance and occasional bearing replacements upon 20,000 hours of work shift at most.

Double-Bearing Alternators at General Power

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