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An alternator is the heart of the generator. The alternator, also called generator end, is the part of a generator that produces electrical energy from the mechanical energy supplied to it by the engine.

An alternator is made up of a stator and a rotor. When both the components work together, the movement between the magnetic and electric fields produces electricity. You know you need an alternator to produce electricity. But the question is, how do you choose among the different types of alternator products?

What to consider when choosing an alternator

In any application, there are certain features you'll want to consider when choosing an AC alternator. Among these are:

  • Phases: Single-phase alternators produce a single, continuously alternating voltage. Single-phase alternators are found in many applications, most often when the loads being driven are relatively light. The three-phase alternator is by far the most common of all alternators in use today, both in military and civilian applications.
  • Frequency: The output frequency of alternator voltage depends upon the speed of rotation of the rotor and the number of poles. The faster the speed, the higher the frequency. The lower the speed, the lower the frequency.

Find out how to choose the right alternator based on your needs.

General Power's exclusive alternators

At General Power, we have various types of generator alternator products depending on the alternator applications. These includesingle-bearing alternators,double-bearing alternators and marine alternators.

We are the stocking distributors for the entire range of Stamford-AVK, Leroy Somer and Marelli AC alternators. We carry more than 100 units in stock from 10kW to 1000kW.

Let General Power help you select the perfect AC alternator for your particular needs. Our fully bilingual personnel, processes and tools are all focused on delivering immediate attention and  service to any and all requests. Our very large stock and industry-leading lead times that can be weeks or months quicker than competition.

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