Diesel Generators

At General Power, our industrial diesel generators are 100% assembled, manufactured, and tested in the US in our Miami, Florida plant.

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With John Deere, Kohler, and Perkins engines available, our generators are EPA compliant for Tier 2, 3/Flex, i4/Flex, and 4 Final. GENPOWERUSA commercial gensets come with high-quality components including:

  • Leroy Somer and Stamford alternators
  • Deep Sea Digital Controller
  • ABB Breakers
  • COWL Critical-grade silencers
  • Weatherproof super silent enclosures in steel or marine-grade aluminum construction
  • Single-walled or double-walled UL142 fuel tanks

Available skid mounted or in enclosure, we have commercial diesel generators from 18kW to 550kW and include a 2 year/2,000 hour international warranty

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Frequently asked questions about diesel generators

How long can a diesel generator run continuously?

  • Since a diesel generator will only run for as long as its fuel supply allows, the answer to this question varies—mainly based on the size of the diesel generator’s fuel tank. Depending on a generator's purpose or usual application, the amount of fuel it will carry can range anywhere from 18 to as much as 72 hours worth of power—with 24 hours being a common benchmark in most applications. (Note: When refueling a diesel generator, it’s important to turn it off for a few hours beforehand so it has time to cool down.) 

What are diesel generators used for?

  • Put simply, a diesel generator is a machine that burns diesel fuel to produce electricity, and is often put to use in the case of unforeseen power outages. With that said, the different sizes and applications of diesel generators can have significant variance. While smaller, handheld generators can be used for simpler purposes like providing power while camping, large diesel generators are used to provide backup power from places like homes and commercial residences to facilities like airports and hospitals all over the world.