Industrial Diesel Generators

Size the right diesel generator with General Power’s help

Industrial diesel generators are the solution to a lot of power generation issues. But those issues can be compounded if the wrong generator is purchased. Selecting the right industrial diesel generator goes far beyond sizing. Depending on your location and your industry, your backup power system may also need to adhere to other, equally important specifications.

So how do you choose the right generator for your business?

Some generators are manufactured using cheaper aftermarket parts and components that undermine your generator’s long-term operation. While these generators may be cheaper upfront, more frequent part failures and subsequent downtime drive up total cost of ownership. A cheaper generator might cost you much more down the line. You should always demand higher quality alternators, engines, silencers, enclosures and controls in your genset.

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General Power designs, manufactures and distributes premium power generation products. We have provided a comprehensive selection of diesel generators and parts to North and South America since 1999.

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From Alaska to Australia, customers trust General Power for residential, construction, commercial, standby, prime and portable power generation services. Whatever your power generation needs, we have the right solution, just for you.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find the best value when looking at pricing for industrial generators?

  • When it comes to the value of an industrial generator over its service life, it’s important to factor in that it’s a long-term investment. While a cheaper upfront option can be enticing, a lower-cost manufacturing process can make for more frequent maintenance issues and higher costs in the long run. In addition to upfront price, consider the manufacturer’s track record and whether short-term savings may cost you more over the years the generator is in use.  

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