Basler Automatic Voltage Regulators

Serving the Power Industry for More Than 75 Years

Basler is a family-owned business with a well-known global presence. The company developed the first solid-state voltage regulator and the first microprocessor-based voltage regulator. Since its founding in 1942, Basler has sold more than 18,000 systems. The company is based in the U.S.A., with headquarters in Illinois and facilities in Texas and Colorado. For its worldwide customers, it also has opened facilities in China, Singapore, and Mexico. Basler's facilities have received ISO 9001:2015 certification, which ensures their reliability and credibility.

General Power has a variety of in-stock products, including Basler AVRs. We carry the single largest stock of Automatic Voltage Regulators and Automatic Transfer Switches in the United States, with 1000+ units of all major brands ready to ship the same day to any country in the world. At our company, we offer you a team of experts and a long history of quality service, trust, and accountability.

Our Basler Automatic Voltage Regulators are Crucial Devices

Basler AVRs are critically tested and trusted worldwide for their well-developed structure and functionality. Our AVR collection has only an upmarket variety for clients and customers for every size and wattage of their generator! It is necessary to identify the generator’s power ratings before opting for an AVR. Our Basler automatic voltage regulators have plenty of benefits, from which some are enlisted :

  • They assist in safeguarding the appliances from fluctuating and spiking voltage.
  • They help maintain a constant voltage rate for the devices and equipment of the same power load.
  • AVRs are perfect electrical devices for regulation and protection from backup power problems such as burnouts, sagging, and surging voltages.
  • They assist in voltage accuracy and precision
  • They possess anti-interference performance due to Basler’s ergonomic capabilities
  • AVRs are the best investment for the safety of sensitive equipment and chargeable devices utilizing backup power.

AVRs have so many advantages, but automatic voltage regulators brought to you by General Power are top-notch investments to get along with your generators for their longevity and reliability. With our AVR devices installed, abrupt fluctuations in power loads will be preserved safely without risking the generator or the equipment it is powering.

Why Choose Us?

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  • 40+ years combined industry experience operating both in North American and South American locations
  • 100% of our sales specialists and engineers are individually certified by the Electrical Generating Systems Association
  • General Power provides reseller and special quantity discounts.

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