45kW to 95kW Diesel Generators

General Power’s offerings in 45-95 kW industrial diesel generators are all completely assembled, manufactured, and tested in our Miami, FL plant. Actively serving over 100 countries across the globe, we are the all-inclusive solution for your power needs. We carry commercial generators from leading brands, including: 

  • John Deere
  • Perkins
  • SDMO
  • Cummins

Our 45-95 kW generators are ready to stand the test of time in a variety of uses and applications, featuring products with the following EPA compliance ratings:

  • EPA CARB Tier 4 Final
  • EPA Tier 3
  • EPA Tier FLEX (TPEM)
  • EPA Tier 3 Stationary Emergency
  • EPA Tier i4 Stationary Emergency
  • EPA Tier i4 TPEM FLEX Mobile Prime
  • Export only


45 kW to 95 kW Diesel Generator FAQ:

How long will a 45 kw diesel generator run?

The length of time that a 45 kW diesel generator can run is dependent on the size of the fuel tank and the amount of load on it. At full load, the average 45 kW generator burns a little over 4 gallons per hour. This means that if your generator has a 66 gallon fuel tank, like this John Deere 45 kW Generator, your generator will be able to run at full load for a little more than 16 hours

How much can you power with a 45 kw generator?

A 45 kW generator has the ability to power all the appliances in a large home or large business. If you’re looking to power your home or business during a power outage, this size of generator will work well for you.

How much diesel does a 55 kw generator use?

The average 55 kW diesel generator uses a little less than 5 gallons per hour under full load. This means that in a normal 8 hour work day, a 55 kW diesel generator can use upwards of 40 gallons of diesel.


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