2000 AMP Transfer Switches

For all large-scale institutions, hospitals, industries, and commercial sectors that are increasing dramatically in ratio, their backup supply depends on one competitive power generator. The generator accessories and necessities include a switch and regulator. Setting up a transfer switch for a high-capacity power generator is an ultimate demand for a secure backup and safe environment.

Our incredible 2000 AMP Transfer Switches are for safe handling, transferring, and preventing back-feeding power into the grid lines for large-capacity power generators. They serve exceptional potential and support a wide range of critical equipment and operations.

Advantages of 2000 Amp Transfer Switches

  • General Power features 2000 AMP transfer switches to support generators with an expansive range of power ratings (up to 960 KW) for institutions and industries where continuous and sufficient backup supply is in most demand.
  • The durability rate is exceptionally high for 2000 AMP transfer switches, they serve a great deal of power, without overheating or burdening the generator.
  • The structure and design for high amperage transfer switches are built to withstand continuous workload while managing balance, and monitoring phases, and provide room for expansion upon requirement.
  • Large power-oriented facilities have numerous pipelined tasks, high amperage transfer switch ensures flexibility in being compatible with tremendous electrical loads to power up heavy-duty equipment and machinery without hassle.
  • The seamless and user-friendly control panel of our transfer switches facilitates workers to manage minor manual tasks easily.
  • Our transfer switches offer tremendous uses in industries, hospitals, offices, data centers, banks, etc. The larger the transfer switch, the safer it is to handle heavy-duty power generators.

General Power is home to top-notch products, supporting businesses large and small. With our exceptional quality transfer switches, your business will be provided with continuous, sufficient, and safe power throughout. For further information and booking details, give us a call at 1-888-819-5646.