1000 AMP Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are essential components of generators since transferring and maintaining appropriate balance improves the longevity of the generator.

1000 AMP Transfer Switches, brought to you by General Power, are one of our best products that offer robust and proficient power transfer while being cost-effective! 1000 amp is reasonable for supplying power backup for hospitals, data centers, office buildings, and schools while keeping up with HVAC so the internal environment remains moderate throughout the day.

Benefits of Upgrading to a 1000 AMP Transfer Switch

Here are some essential uses and benefits of 1000 AMP Transfer Switch

  • Cost-effectiveness is a massive benefit because, in these economic turmoil and fluctuations, the last problem industries wish to face is backup fluctuation!
  • 1000 amp transfer switches are perfect for power transfer for institutions, clinics, commercial plazas, medium to large industries, and critical infrastructures.
  • The power capacity of our fully equipped transfer switches with 1000 amperage is sufficient to prevent back-feeding and overloading risks; they promote a flexible and versatile power supply.
  • A 1000 amp transfer switch competes with high power requirements and its state-of-art design features numerous benefits such as simultaneous and non-interruptive pedantic operations. The more experience the manufacturers have, the better the quality of the transfer switch!
  • Another top benefit is the reduction of overloading and prevention of back-feeding power to grids, electrical hazards, and the diminishment of overheating and stressing the generator under serviceable conditions.
  • They also feature in-built current stability to prevent fluctuations and disruption with the connected devices. The appliances and devices can weaken with time if the backup power does not have a stable voltage and current, causing resistance.

ASCO 1000 AMP Transfer Switches Advantages

  • Seamless transitions that reduce downtime and upgrade potential to grind for hours straight.
  • Less wear and tear hassle with long-term guarantees
  • Highly durable and long-lasting structure and adjustable sizes for mounting and access.
  • Global technical support and safety features pre-installed to ensure safer products.

To purchase ASCO 1000 amp transfer switches for your business, General Power is the right place, indeed. Visit our website, www.genpowerusa.com, or give us a call at 1-888-819-5646 because this product is now available to be shipped the very same day!