Diesel Generators Africa

General Power presents a vast inventory of “prime” and “standby” diesel generators from worldwide popular brands to Africa. Our diesel generators are authorized by Load Bank Tests USA and ISO9001 certified, made in Europe and USA to maintain high standards and meet exclusive demands worldwide. General Power teams ensure you get the most compatible and credible product at your doorstep by shipping the same day as your order. Our products are shipped everywhere, especially for the increased demand in Africa! Here are some common FAQs inquired regarding our product shipping in Africa.

What Generators Brands Are Sold in Africa by General Power?

We are eligible to provide top-notch brands, including

  • Cummins Generators
  • John Deere Diesel Generators
  • Mitsubishi Generators
  • MTU Generators
  • Perkins Generators
  • Volvo Generators
  • Yanmar Generators

General Power brings 13kW to 625kW Standby industrial generators and 13kW to 51kW Prime diesel generators for our clients of all credible and popular companies with genuine certification and documents available per product. We provide complete guidelines, helpline, warranties, and shipping perks for buyers worldwide.

We specially provide our services and products to our dealers and clients in Africa so they can get the best emergency backup source and quality generator products for the safety and protection of businesses, industries, and data centers when load shedding series hit per region and season. General Power supports drives big and small. Hence, we have a wide range of diesel generators for every facility, institution, commercial site, manufacturing industry, and home-based business.

What can industrial generators support?

Diesel industrial generators support entire HVAC systems, sensitive and heavy-duty types of equipment, chargeable devices, and multiple appliances such as refrigerators, and carry out continuous workloads for up to 10 to 12 hours straight. Our extraordinary ranges of industrial, commercial, and silent generators are able to withstand excessive strain and heftier loads for persistent periods without delays, lags, sags, or power spikes.

Why Choose General Power

We can offer fully customizable packages for our precious clients and ship the order the same day as it is ordered.

  • 100% of our products are purchased directly from the original manufacturers
  • 100% of our products are individually serialized and can be separately tracked back to the factory
  • 100% of our manufacturers will gladly certify the origin and authenticity of our products.
  • Our extensive on-hand inventory provides quick, easy, and expedited delivery worldwide.
  • We also offer reseller and special quantity discounts

We positively encourage dealers, clients, and customers to call our support or request a quote to get in touch with us. We’ll guide you regarding every step until you are satisfied with your product. Click the button below to redirect into the quote request section for queries.