Mecc Alte Alternators

A worldwide leader in alternators

Mecc Alte is a global group offering alternator solutions with sales plants and manufacturers worldwide. Each facility produces world-class alternators - the only product Mecc Alte produces. Mecc Alte is globally recognized as the leading independent manufacturer of alternators. The company designs and produces a wide range of alternators with high reliability and performance. Mecc Alte's Power Products Division integrates the electromechanical expertise gained since 1947 to produce a wide range of alternator products.

Mecc Alte specializes in synchronous and asynchronous commercial alternators with the worlds widest range of low-voltage industrial and commercial alternators. As an alternator supplier, Mecc Alte has proven expertise and experience in research, design, low-cost manufacturing and development capabilities. As leading suppliers for industrial and commercial alternators, Mecc Alte has earned a 20% share of the worldwide market.

Mecc Alte's certified quality

Mecc Alte’s quality is certified by international groups, including the Canadian Standards Association, the Underwriters Laboratories, Det Norske Veritas and Bureau Veritas. Mecc Alte has ISO 9001 accreditation from Registro Italiano Navale.

General Power is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, wholesale pricing, and stocking distributor for Mecc Alte's entire range of product line.

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