NEMA 1 Indoor Transfer Switch

Generators equipped with transfer switches are essential in creating seamless power adjustments between your primary and backup electrical source. While most industrial generators mostly require outdoor transfer switches, indoor transfer switches provide a similar number of amperes and transmission power, withstanding load and securing preventive measures. If the generators have their regulators and alternators in a sheltered compartment, indoor transfer switches suit best and prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

At General Power we ensure utmost credibility and reliability, catering to our customers with premium quality products, our indoor transfer switch NEMA 1, is just the ideal backup for uninterrupted high-power.

Features of our NEMA 1 Indoor Transfer Switches

  • Space Efficient Structure: A dynamic and compact device. Taking minimal space, the NEMA 1 Indoor Transfer Switch is designed to fit in multiple locations that contain limited area. As the name suggests, the indoor transfer switch should be “inside” the shelter, electrical closet, utility, or control room, so even with enclosed space, the controller adjusts perfectly.
  • Dust Resistant Technology: Our NEMA 1 indoor transfer switch withstands the dust particulates and debris that can hurt the efficiency if the environmental protection layer is absent. The protection prevents dust from accumulating and messing with its components.
  • Special Protection: Another layer of protection is for physical contact so utility workers who may accidentally come in direct contact with the transfer switch do not harm themselves.
  • Lighter on Wallet: Indoor transfer switches, especially from the NEMA series, are an excellent investment since no big budget is required to support their environmental protection needs and accessories.
  • User-friendly: The structure of the NEMA 1 indoor switch is easily accessible for servicing and troubleshooting. Repairs, inspection, testing, replacements, maintenance, and so many more activities become safer for workers and repairers this way.
  • Installation Flexibility: It is possible to mount the indoor transfer switch on the floor or wall, wherever it is easily accessible.

Why Choose NEMA Transfer Switches?

At General Power USA, we deal with only the most renowned and best-performing brands, amongst them we offer NEMA, a successful transfer switch production line used worldwide and appreciated for their high-quality structure and design. 

Keeping customers’ preferences into view, General Power offers its customers with a diverse range of products by NEMA. So you can decide whether NEMA 1 is suitable for the power rate of your generator or whether you require NEMA 3 or NEMA 4 to meet those requisites. 

With more power comes greater responsibility. Hence, General Power ensures the safest, finest and most efficient products to keep up with your company prospects.