AC Alternators

Understanding AC alternators' functionality and practical applications can be incredibly beneficial, especially when seeking an alternator for sale. General Power is your go-to resource as a business owner when it comes to finding the best deals on alternator generator.

Leroy Somer and Stamford Alternators

Why should this matter to you? If you own a vehicle, your car's alternator generator is critical. It provides electrical power to your vehicle's systems and concurrently charges your battery. The alternator generator keeps everything from your headlights to your vehicle’s sound system powered, making it essential when looking for an alternator for sale.

General Power Carries an Extensive Line of AC Alternators for Leroy Somer and Stamford

Ranging from 8kW to 3800kW, we can provide you with the most extensive stock in the Americas, and our in-stock inventory is available for same-day shipping across the globe.

AC alternators, also known as alternator generators, are the unsung heroes of our daily lives. These devices convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, following Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Their standout feature is their Alternating Current (AC) production, making them different from Direct Current (DC) generators.

In a broader sense, AC alternators are paramount for the power generation industry. These large-scale alternator generators produce enormous amounts of AC power distributed across power grids. It matters because this powers our computers and runs our appliances. The convenience of modern life is a testament to the marvels of AC alternators.

The Main Features of General Power AC Alternator

  • Single and Three phase
  • 4 lead dedicated and 12 lead reconnectable
  • 208 volts to 600 volts
  • Available in 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Single and double bearing
  • Shunt, PMG, and Arep excitation
  • Industrial and marine-certified applications

Where does General Power come into the picture? As a trusted name in the power supply industry, General Power offers top-quality alternator generators at competitive prices. If you are searching for an alternator for sale, they provide a range of reliable, efficient, and durable AC alternators suitable for various applications.

Additionally, General Power understands that one of the critical benefits of the AC alternator is the ability to change voltage levels readily. As such, they offer a range of products designed to meet diverse voltage requirements. Their flexible solutions ensure minimal power losses during transmission, whether over short or long distances.

An alternator generator is critical in our lives, powering everything from our vehicles to commercial or industrial purposes. Understanding its importance and knowing where to source the best deals is crucial. With General Power, you can be confident you get the best deals on high-quality, efficient, and long-lasting AC alternators.

In addition to Stamford and Leroy Somer, General Power can also offer you brands like Marathon and Marelli. Contact our parts department for additional details and to receive your quote

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