Automatic Voltage Regulators

Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs), offered by General Power, are pivotal components that cater to your power stability needs. Designed to optimize electrical system operations, these AVRs, particularly automatic voltage regulators for generators, significantly enhance power quality and efficiency.

General Power Offers One of the Country's Largest Stocks of Automatic Voltage Regulators

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Available to ship from our stock or drop-ship from one of the brands we work with, General Power offers a solution that meets your needs and a quick turnaround time.

General Power is the official parts distributor for Stamford-AvK and Leroy Somer and works with brands like Basler, Mecc Alte, Marelli, and Marathon. With our knowledge of the industry and how important staying in operation is, we guarantee that 100% of our inventory is directly built by the manufacturer and 100% original.

Power Stability and Efficiency Redefined

Automatic voltage regulators by General Power are specifically engineered to control the voltage output of an electric circuit. The primary function of these devices is to stabilize the output voltage, irrespective of variations in load or input voltage. This steady voltage output is crucial in averting potential equipment damage and extending the lifespan of the electrical device.

When discussing automatic voltage regulators for generators, understanding the mechanics of generators is beneficial. Generators, by design, convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, creating power for varied applications. However, the energy produced may fluctuate due to load changes or fuel supply variations. Herein lies the necessity of automatic voltage regulators.

What General Power Automatic Voltage Regulators Offer:

Get high-quality features of General Power AVRs: 

  • Deliver consistent voltage output.
  • Effectively shielding your equipment from potential damage. 
  • Help in optimizing your generator's performance. 
  • High compatibility with a wide array of generator models.
  • Built to last, automatic voltage regulators are robust and dependable.
  • Designed with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Adherence to international electrical standards.

General Power's automatic voltage regulators for generators work tirelessly to maintain a consistent flow of electricity. When the output voltage from the generator escalates, the AVR reduces the excitation current to the generator's rotor, subsequently decreasing the output voltage. Conversely, if the voltage plummets, the AVR boosts the excitation current, increasing the output voltage.

One of the key benefits of using General Power's automatic voltage regulators in generators is their proficiency in equipment protection. Voltage fluctuations can damage electrical devices, leading to expensive repairs or replacements. General Power's automatic voltage regulators effectively mitigate such damage by ensuring a consistent voltage output.

General Power's automatic voltage regulators are integral to any power generator system. Their role in stabilizing voltage output is paramount. Not only do they prevent equipment damage and enhance your generator's longevity, but they also boost efficiency. If you're a business owner, General Power's automatic voltage regulator for generators ensures a reliable safeguard against voltage fluctuations while contributing significantly to effective and consistent power generation. Investing in such technology underscores a commitment to quality, durability, and efficiency – hallmarks of General Power's legacy.

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