Kohler Diesel Generators

General Power is a Miami, Florida-based Authorized Dealer for Kohler diesel generators. Each generator is ultimately engineered, assembled, and individually certified by Load Bank Tests USA. We only support brands with higher experience, reliability, and accountability so customers get the best at every cost.

Trust General Power as we secure entire power backups with a wide range of Kohler generators categorized by sizes, models, frequencies, and wattages. Kohler is our hot-selling brand equipped with numerous advantages for our clients.

The products/ units enlisted have EPA compliance ratings as follows:

  • EPA CARB Tier 4 Final
  • EPA Tier i4 TPEM FLEX Mobile
  • EPA Tier i4 Stationary Emergency

Kohler supports engine systems, UPS, diesel, and electric generators for clients worldwide. It has brought power to industries and commercial sectors worldwide since 1920. Since it acquired SDMO in 2005, Kohler has become one of the largest industrial generator manufacturers in the world—with over 800 locations across the globe. It is the name of excellence and reliability for every industry, immense and small. Kohler diesel generators are built to withstand the excessive workload and continuous strain of power supply during emergencies, so your business carries on without a delay of a single minute! We have got you covered with a long list of Kohler products to choose from and make a wise decision for your company’s trouble backup and power protection in the long run.

Why Consider Kohler Diesel Generators?

These robust products, brought to you by General Power, are fully equipped and ready to use as soon as the installation is completed. The diesel generator will automatically pick up where the utility power has left off to ensure critical equipment and procedures face no pause. Kohler is one of the most trustable generator manufacturers because:

  • Quality-tested through every step before they are delivered to your doorstep
  • Extremely powerful to withstand industrial power load
  • Kohler has hit a century of selling generators that are preferred commercially and industry-wide for their durability and longevity.
  • Low noise decibels improve the environment overall since the majority of Kohler generators have noise reduction technology.

By the end of the day, your business needs a smart power backup that is available all year round and costs low on fuel! Diesel is the most versatile and budget-friendly fuel that can cut down fluctuating petrol costs from your worry list. With our extraordinary Kohler diesel generators, your business will be protected from all sorts of emergencies; it includes long pauses in security systems, HVAC systems, and alarm systems, to name a few. The best part of choosing General Power is that we have branded repair and replacement parts, guarantee and warranty perks, and 25% cost-effectiveness! You are most welcome to inquire with us regarding any product, price, and delivery help at any time. Contact us today for any questions you may have or get a quote on our Kohler diesel generators.