Transfer Switches by Type

Numerous genset distributors online claim to offer you ultramodern technology at incredibly low prices, which might sound slightly unusual to you. Are you skeptical? Don’t be. We at General Power assure you that our premium quality, state-of-the-art automatic transfer switches will not be a cause of concern for you. To maximize customer convenience and satisfaction we bring the most reliable manufacturers in the entire US under one roof, allowing you to easily choose the type that perfectly aligns with your business requirements.

Industry leading generator transfer switch manufacturers in stock!

You name it, we've already arranged it for you! No matter the manufacturer you're searching for, General Power possesses a diverse and an internationally recognized range of transfer switches available in stock!

From automatic transfer switches, manual transfer switches, to even service entrance transfer switches, General Power has a wide variety available for purchase. It is vital that while you are exploring transfer switch options, you take its durability, power output and fuel consumption into consideration before choosing the right one for your business.

Why care about reliability and credibility, when you can depend on us with our A-list manufacturing companies’ panels, such as ASCO and Zenith transfer switches, taking reliance to a whole new level!

Ensure seamless transitions with our Generator Transfer Switches

If you've purchased from General Power before, you must be aware that quality isn't something we compromise upon. For that reason, there are a few guaranteed features that all our transfer switches possess, including:

  • Providing smooth power supply with higher levels of efficiency and zero interruptions.
  • Zero chances of inefficiency as the automatic transfer switches can transfer and balance out the power supply within a few seconds.
  • When the utility is restored, the transfer switch immediately detects its presence and connects the supply from the emergency source to the primary source again.
  • The backup generator will automatically be handled in case of a power failure, ensuring there is less burden on your shoulders to carry out the task manually unless the switch is manual.

If you're in search of a golden deal to seal right away, all that you need to do is get an instant quote via our website or give us a call at 1-888-819-5646. Choose General Power as we guarantee you with an economical and highly robust solution to assist your business with a perfectly systematized generator transfer switch.

Keep up with your business prospects, without having to worry about a single power supply malfunction with our intricate range of effective transfer switches.