800kVA to 2500kVA Alternators

The higher the voltage range of an alternator, the more power it will supply for the respective application. The cutting-edge technology in General Power's ultramodern alternators is the sole reason our company tops the market charts! From 800 kVA to 2500 kVA, General Power serves premium-grade alternators by world-famous manufacturers, including Stamford, Marathon Electric, and Leroy Somer.

Reliance on High-quality Alternators for Sale

Every buyer seeks perfection, and General Power aims to fulfill that requirement conveniently. Available in their brand new condition, every individually tested alternator is available for same-day shipping. Our chosen alternators have the perfect features to offer you with. Here are a few reasons why you should trust our alternators for reliable backup power:

  • Be it industrial power applications or commercial applications, our alternator generators encourage uninterrupted power supplies to satisfy every business’ requirements.
  • With international warranties lasting up to 2 years, your alternator generator will function flawlessly without requiring frequent, expensive repairs.
  • They function using 100% authentic and original parts and are also available for purchase at reasonable prices via General Power.
  • Best known for their massive number of buyers in the entire US, Stamford and Leroy Somer alternators empower your productivity levels and boost your overall performance.

Exemplary performance and matchless efficiency are only some of the factors that will encourage you to invest in this golden opportunity. With General Power’s guaranteed assistance and quality assurance, you won’t have to worry about poor performance.

How to Choose the Right Alternator Generator?

Available in a variety of uniquely designed alternator models, the alternators for sale at General Power cannot be fully customized. However, several features, such as the alternator’s size, application, number of phases, manufacturing company, frequency, and RPM, can be opted for. Choose your alternator with the assistance of our experts.

Invest in the Best, Invest in General Power

At General Power, our team of experts is determined to serve you with the desired equipment you wish to purchase within a reasonable budget. Your convenience is what matters the most. Our specialized range of 800 kVa to 2500 kVA alternators will satisfy all your business-related needs. In order to buy your alternator generator, feel free to call us at 1-888-819-5646 and discuss all your queries with our experienced, bilingual professionals immediately.