Stamford Permanent Magnet Generator

Modern technology makes life easier yet premium. PMGs, known as permanent magnet generators, are much more advanced than other generators, offering numerous advantages customers must look into before purchasing. At General Power, we offer robust Stamford Permanent Magnet generators with higher efficiency rates and noise reduction technology. The following reasons will guide you to make the right decision with us:

Less Energy Losses

With less energy losses, the generator can produce a generous dose of power and progress with higher efficiency rates. Since PMGs do not depend upon other power sources to magnetize, it makes the generator safer and much more reliable. 

Higher Power Output

Industries, construction sites, manufacturing factories, and powering bigger units require generous power supply due to their larger size, weight, and potential overall. Our heavy-duty PMGs have higher power density for proficient and continuous energy supply. With increased power production, the PMG stabilizes the frequency, regulates the voltage, and keeps up with outages; it turns on as soon as blackouts or any inconvenience occurs during critical operations. 

Noise Reduction Quality

The rumble and grumble of generators are exasperating to workers and residents in the area. Therefore, noise-canceling technology in our modern PMG models is an essential factor! The excessive noise is canceled to prevent sound annoyance.

More Amazing Facts About This Product

  • General Power PMGs have a much higher durability and longevity rate; they last more than 25 years to 40 years!
  • They have supreme power quality due to stabilized and regulated voltage; they are fit power sources for operations with dangers of fluctuations and load variation.
  • Permanent magnet generators are also environment-friendly since they collaborate more with renewable energy resources other than fossil fuels. Due to this factor, PMGs are versatile generators and can be powered with fuels for performing operations.
  • General Power PMGs have a quick startup technology that picks up where the power outage left off! PMGs have faster startup potential. Therefore, these generators are perfect for executing critical industrial operations.
  • Some of our PMGs also feature rare earth magnets with high strength-to-size ratio proportions and can produce more extensive magnetized fields.

Stamford permanent magnet generators are exclusive quality-wise and serve as a significant money investment for the long term. Choosing our company’s products and services can lead to a hassle-free experience, especially with the generator, and can be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

General Power PMGs work perfectly, in the long run, to keep the power supply at its finest and safest. For further information or to book this incredible product, contact us today.