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Make sure you get the right diesel generator for your needs by surveying the power ratings. Let General Power help you sort out the different generator power ratings for your application.

Generator ratings, whether to measure power or environmental impact, are set as such to protect you, the end-user. Following all instructions and recommendations, including maintenance and testing, will ensure your diesel generator performs optimally for its specified application.

Generator ratings explained

Generator size is measured in kilovolt-amperes, or kVA, but not all businesses in the market for a generator are familiar with their kVA needs. Businesses are usually more familiar with their needs expressed in kilowatts, or kW. But what's the difference between kW and kVA, and how will you know you've selected the right generator? The amount of actual power an electrical system has is measured in kW. In other words, this is a measure of how much power is being converted into output. Conversely, kVA is the measure of apparent power. kVA tells you how much is being used in the system overall. In a perfectly efficient generator system, kW would be equal to kVA. But because no system is completely efficient, not all of the apparent power will be converted into useful output.

There's a lot more to know about generator ratings. Read our guide to generator ratings.

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