Stamford Generator Ends

Authorized Distributor for the Americas

A generator end, also called an alternator, houses electrical conductors which react to the engine's mechanical energy and converts it into useful electrical power. Its output of electrical power is measured in kilowatts.

Established in 1904, Cummins Generator Technologies manufactures generator ends, or alternators, under the renowned Stamford and AvK brands. Stamford generator ends are well known for their rugged reliability and performance. They are recognized worldwide as a leader in alternators.

General Power is an Authorized Stamford Alternators Distributor for the Americas and has been certified as an Official Stamford Parts Dealer for both North and South America. Our 100% original Stamford stock is the largest in the Americas and is available for same-day shipping worldwide. Our great prices on Stamford generator ends include reseller discounts for those who qualify. Distributors are welcome to contact us and find out more.

How to pick the correct generator end

General Power can help you sort through the types of alternators based on application. These options can include:

  • Single-Bearing Alternators

  • Double-Bearing Alternators

  • Marine and Mining Alternators

In any application, there are certain features you'll want to consider when choosing an AC alternator. Among these are phases and frequency.

To find out more about picking an alternator based on your application needs, read our guide.

Our power experts work with you throughout the generator purchase process. Here’s what you can expect when buying a generator from General Power.

General Power to can fill your generator end needs

General Power can help you select the perfect generator end for your needs. Our fully bilingual personnel, processes and tools are all focused on delivering immediate attention and  service to any and all requests. Our very large stock and industry-leading lead times that can be weeks or months quicker than competition.