Temporary Backup Generators

The unpredictability of power outages often leaves businesses needing an immediate solution. Temporary backup generators serve as an ideal remedy in such scenarios. A backup generator ensures the continuity of power, safeguarding your essentials from potential damage and avoiding inconvenient disruptions.

Reliable Power Backup That You Can Trust

General Power offers temporary backup generators in various forms, fuel types, and sizes, but they all serve the same critical function – to supply power during outages. Whether it's a sudden blackout due to bad weather or an unexpected power failure from a grid outage, having a backup generator ready to kick in can provide peace of mind and maintain daily routines without a hitch.

A key advantage of temporary backup generators over permanent ones is their portability. They can be easily transported to wherever they are needed, making them perfect for outdoor events, construction sites, or emergencies where power is required at different locations.

Gain the Following Benefits From Temporary Backup Generators

The salient features of General Power's temporary backup generators:

  • Ensures continuity of power during outages.
  • Safeguards essentials from potential damage and inconvenient disruptions.
  • Available in various forms, fuel types, and sizes.
  • Suitable for outdoor events, construction sites, and emergencies.
  • Smaller and larger models for industrial applications.
  • Automatic transfer switch for seamless power supply during outages.
  • Protects appliances from sudden power surges.

The fuel type is another important consideration when choosing a backup generator. Diesel generators are commonly used, but propane and natural gas options are also available. Diesel generators are typically more fuel-efficient and durable.

Backup generators that function on propane or natural gas tend to be quieter and produce fewer emissions, making them environmentally friendly. Natural gas generators also have the advantage of utilizing a continuous supply from a utility provider, eliminating the need for regular fuel refills.

In an increasingly power-dependent world, having a backup generator at your disposal can be a game-changer. Invest in a temporary backup generator to prepare for any unexpected power disruptions. It's a decision that delivers not just power but peace of mind as well.