185A2100F4M Series 185 - ASCO | Automatic, 100 AMP

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What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

When your primary source of power fails, you need fast and seamless transition to your auxiliary or backup power source even when you aren’t around. An automatic transfer switch monitors your primary power source and tells your generator to start in the event of a power outage.

ASCO 100AMP Series 185 Transfer Switch Performance:

The compact and dependable ASCO 100AMP Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS) provides your home or business with continuous power, ensuring all your most important electrical loads and appliances keep operating in the event of a power outage or interruption. When the ASCO 100AMP ATS detects a loss of utility power, it completes a series of steps to ensure your most critical systems continue to operate:

  1. Immediately after detecting a power failure, or based on your criteria, the Series 185 ATS signals your backup generator to start and prepares to accept the electrical load. 
  2. Within seconds, power is restored to critical systems, appliances and devices. 
  3. Utilizing a Group 4 controller, the Series 185 ATS continues to monitor your utility power source for availability and stability. Once it reaches acceptable levels for a preset period of time, the 100AMP Automatic Transfer Switch will reconnect your systems to your primary power source.
  4. Your generator will continue to run for a cool-down period of two to five minutes before it stops completely. The Series 185 ATS will continue to monitor your utility power to ensure continuous operation.

ASCO 100AMP Series 185 Transfer Switch Features and Capabilities:

The 100AMP Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch is recognized as the most reliable transfer switch available for residential and light-duty commercial applications. Series 185 transfer switches are integrated with ASCO Power Technologies’ industrial-grade transfer switch mechanism that is used in the award-winning ASCO Series 300 family of products.

The Series 185 100AMP ATS comes equipped with the following features:

  • A user-friendly control panel for easy testing and system operation
  • LED indicators to monitor the availability of power sources and transfer switch positions at a glance
  • The highest quality components designed, engineered and manufactured in North America by ASCO Power Technologies, the original inventor of the automatic transfer switch
  • Compliant to UL 8 listing for optional standby systems, handling total system load including motors and all other electrical loads
  • Access to free 24/7 technical support by ASCO experts anywhere in the U.S. 
  • A highly corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosure with NEMA 3R secure outdoor rated construction
  • Optional accessories including a strip heater, accessory 14A/14B and connectivity module with remote annunciator kit

With more than 80 years of experience and unrivaled customer service excellence, ASCO Power Technologies delivers quality, durability and affordability with the 100AMP Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch.



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