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  • PHOTO ASCO 100 Amps 2 Poles NEMA3R 240V Automatic Transfer Switch ATS, Series 185, 185A2100F4M 20off
  • PHOTO ASCO 100 Amps 2 Poles NEMA3R 240V Automatic Transfer Switch ATS, Series 185, 185A2100F4M
  • PHOTO ASCO 100 Amps 2 Poles NEMA3R 240V Automatic Transfer Switch ATS, Series 185, 185A2100F4M
  • PHOTO ASCO 100 Amps 2 Poles NEMA3R 240V Automatic Transfer Switch ATS, Series 185, 185A2100F4M
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  • PHOTO ASCO 100 Amps 2 Poles NEMA3R 240V Automatic Transfer Switch ATS, Series 185, 185A2100F4M

185A2100F4M Series 185 - ASCO | Automatic, 100 AMP

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Product Description

100 AMP ASCO Transfer Switch ATS, 2 Pole NEMA3R 240V
ASCO ATS Series 185 185A2100F4M (Replaces ASCO Series 165 165A2100F3F)

You expect your lighting, refrigerators, security, air conditioning, communication and computer systems to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To ensure continual power supply even in the event of a power blackout, you may resort to your new Standby generator. However, your diesel generator is simply brain dead if you do not have an Automatic Transfer Switch. 

What is an ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch?

The ASCO 185A2100F4M ATS is composed of a highly reliable transfer switch mechanism (the same heavy duty industrial-grade transfer switch that is used on the ASCO Series 300 ATS product line), an intelligent Automatic Group 4 ATS controller, and a NEMA3R Secure outdoor rated protective cabinet completely built in ALUMINUM (for lifetime longevity). In simplified terms, its primary function is very similar to that of your conventional AC thermostat: to monitor your room temperature and based on your parameters, to start and stop the AC unit as needed.

Similarly, an ASCO ATS is the key component to a fully Automatic standby generator system: by continuously monitoring your utility power and starting or stopping your standby generator set.

How an ASCO ATS works

The Series 185 Transfer switch employs the latest technology and the highest safety standards to provide you with power whether you are present or not, ensuring all your important electrical loads and appliances run as expected and with a reliable power source. To provide the power required, the ATS goes through the following steps: 

  1. Should your utility power (Normal Source) fail or present unacceptable voltage drops, the Series 185 Automatic Transfer Switch signals the generator (Emergency Source) to start and prepare to accept the load.
  2. Within seconds, or based on your criteria, the ATS controller will then activate the transfer mechanism which within milliseconds will switch the load from Normal source to Emergency source.
  3. The Series 185 ATS Group 4 controller will then continue to monitor the Normal Source both for availability and stability, once acceptable levels are reached and maintained for a preset period of time, the ATS will then activate the switch again and revert the power supply from your Diesel generator to Utility power.
  4. To extend the life of the generator, the ATS will allow it to first cool down for a programmable period of time and then order it to shut down.
  5. The generator will remain on Standby mode and the Transfer switch controller will continue its monitoring function and ready to react in a moment’s notice.


Features of the 100 Amp ASCO Series 185 ATS

Among all manufacturers, the Series 185 transfer switch is recognized as the single highest quality and most reliable transfer switch in the residential and light duty commercial range. That's because, unlike the competition who gladly cuts corners repeatedly to save on costs, ASCO has integrated the same award winning industrial-grade transfer switch mechanism that is used in the ASCO series 300 family of products.

Perfect both for residential or small business application, your new Series 185 ATS comes fully packaged and with all the following standard features:

  • A user-friendly control panel that offers you the capability to effortlessly test the system with the push of a single button
  • LED indicators easily indicate the availability of either power sources as well as transfer switch positions
  • Highest quality and reliable component selection available in the industry, % designed, engineered and manufactured in house. 0 outsourcing to cheap Chinese suppliers.
  • % manufactured in North America
  • Compliant to UL 8 listing for optional standby system, handling total system load including motors and all other electrical loads
  • Free 24/7 technical support with impeccable customer satisfaction record and available nationwide
  • You get indisputable support and know-how from the original inventor of the Automatic Transfer Switch:
  • The highest manufacturing standard, component selection as well as the most comprehensive list of features on all products
  • The standard enclosure is of highly corrosion resistant Aluminum in a Secure outdoor rated construction
  • Optional accessories including a strip heater, accessory 14A/14B and connectivity module with remote annunciator kit


With 80+ years’ experience and 24/7 technical support, ASCO delivers the best quality in a durable yet affordable package. The Series 185 range includes 100A, 200A, 230A, and 400 amps switches both in Indoor rated and Secure outdoor rated Aluminum enclosures.


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