70 to 80 AMP Transfer Switches

Diesel and natural gas generators are the most multiskilled backup power sources but every generator requires a manual or automatic transfer switch for safety caution. 70 to 80 AMP Transfer Switches brought to you by General Power are the most versatile and easily accessible electrical devices to support small generators. They are seamlessly usable in areas where small power generators are sufficient to rescue, signal, light and charge.

Benefits of 70 to 80 amp Transfer Switches by General Power

  • Our products are very space efficient for small equipment rooms or apartments. They fit without needing much area and still transfer power easily.
  • Most rescuable areas and cabins can opt for these transfer switches for quick and easy application such as charging, communicating and sending signals where electric systems are unreachable.
  • ATMs, alarm systems, security systems, home offices and campgrounds are also some various locations where our 70 to 80 amp transfer switches can be utilized to instantly transmit power from generators during emergencies and blackouts automatically.
  • They are also sufficient for powering up phone booths, transferring power for refrigerating and heating purposes. Although they do not feature high industrial power backup, such small locations can also be backed up where there arises a need to power up small devices and areas.
  • Powering light-weight charging fans, emergency tube lights, kitchen appliances, several office computers and so many similar products can easily be backed up with 70 to 80 amp transfer switches.

General Power’s 70 and 80 amp transfer switches can come handy in daily-use as sometimes it becomes unaffordable to back up entire clinics and institutions, therefore using small generators with compatible transfer switches are enough to drop down budget and still support some backup for emergency situations. At General Power, we can support you further with booking this amazing product today!