2 Poles Transfer Switches

With the increase in big businesses and industries, small businesses deserve equal praise and facilities! One-phase electrical systems for small commercial and residential areas require 2 pole transfer switches because they transmit sufficient and compatible power from the generator when utilities unexpectedly go down. 

2 pole transfer switches brought to you by General Power are perfect for small setups and for numerous reasons.

Features of 2 Poles Transfer Switches

  • 2 pole transfer switches offer supreme emergency backup reliability for heavy appliances such refrigerators, heaters, communication appliances and others.
  • Perfect for residences, small shops, clinics, small farms, etc.
  • Balanced load distribution because 2 poles power transfer switches offer storage to prevent generator overloading.
  • Simple working and overall functionality of 2 Poles transfer switch.

Simple Structure

Various small commercial areas are often connected with single-phase power systems, and 2 pole transfer switches easily align with the infrastructure of the electrical system. They offer seamless installation and have no crazy expenses after setting up. The features offered are all reliable and similar to the ones of the 3-pole transfer switch, but the main difference is its power capacity and electrical phase connectivity.

Small Size, Less Demands

General Power 2 pole transfer switches are space efficient due to fewer connections, requiring less space in electrical enclosures. They are opposite to our 3 pole transfer switches in excessive capacity, but they are equally seamless, stable, and reliable!

Since the size of 2 pole transfer switches is moderate, they are adjustable in the electrical cabinet, closet, or enclosures. They support all appliances, send and receive signals, both manually and automatically, support generator offload, power quality monitoring, and offer many more benefits.

Compatible and Seamless

Shops, residences, or areas are connected with single-phase electrical systems, and 2 pole transfer switches are sufficient to transfer power from generators where utilities go down. The transfer systems are also easy to access and install. If you are interested in 2 Poles Transfer Switches give us a call at 1-888-819-5646.