NEMA 3R Outdoor Transfer Switches

A power breakdown could occur due to a number of reasons, when electrical shortage, unforeseen weather circumstances or maintenance power shutdowns become imminent, businesses must choose to rely on a credible back-up power source.

For large-scale businesses electrical reinforcement becomes crucial to ensure smooth operation without any power interruptions. At General Power, we ensure your business sectors excel with reliable, safe, and continuous power. With a compatible transfer switch, your generator will provide safer and more manageable energy; therefore, the best investment you could make for your company is the outdoor transfer switch NEMA 3r, which is especially suitable for industrial businesses and perfectly durable for long-term investment and usage.

The Significance of The Incredible Outdoor Transfer Switch NEMA 3R

To provide a safer and speedy experience, ATS or automatic transfer switches are connected closely to power up the generator without delay.

Outdoor transfer switch NEMA 3R, brought to you by General Power, is among the types of exclusive transfer switches for large-scale factories and commercial sectors. Here are some leading benefits of our spectacular product:

  • Harsh Environment Protection: NEMA’s outdoor transfer switch shields itself against rains, sleets, hails, debris, dust, and snow. It prevents weather factors from interrupting the efficiency of the transmission, automation, and electrical management processes.
  • Electrical components remain safe and secure due to protection on their outer layer so no debris, particulate, or dust enters and messes with their internal equipment.
  • Longevity: The product lasts long, becoming a reliable investment. There arises less need for maintenance and servicing because of its sturdy design and structure.
  • Anti-Corrosive Technology: Humidity, moisture, and ice cause corrosion of metal or rust. It affects the internal components and wiring as well. Therefore, outdoor transfer switches NEMA 3R are safe due to corrosion resistance shields.
  • Durability: The weatherproof, rugged design and UV resistance features support the durability factor of outdoor transfer switches. Relatively long-lasting and requires less maintenance because of their sturdy structure design. They can withstand sunlight exposure, environmental hazards, and moisture damage.
  • User-Friendly: NEMA 3r outdoor transfer switches require no additional protection accessories. We offer this outstanding product in ready-to-use condition for seamless installation.

Seal the deal with General Power’s high-quality range of outdoor and indoor transfer switches, and select what may be most suitable for your business. With heavy-duty power production comes a call for higher safety measures, and we take the extra leap in safeguarding your power supply backup in times of unpredictability.