Rental-grade Diesel Generators

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

With more than 20 years of industry experience, General Power launched the GENPOWERUSA line of rental-grade diesel generators with capacities from 50 to 500kW.

Our EPA compliant GENPOWERUSA rental-grade diesel generators are available in weatherproof super-silent enclosures and covered by a 1-year warranty.

These top-quality diesel generators sets have been meticulously designed to deliver maximum ROI, versatility and dependability for even the most demanding mobile and prime applications

  • 100% engineered, assembled, and tested in the USA
  • Powered by heavy-duty John Deere and Perkins diesel engines
  • Leroy Somer alternators
  • Deep Sea digital controllers and automatic voltage regulators
  • ABB breakers
  • COWL critical aluminized silencers
  • Weather-proof silent enclosures, steel or marine-grade aluminum construction
  • Rental-grade: 50 to 500 kW, EPA Tier 3 Flex, i4 Flex, 4 Final

Each generator comes standard fully packaged to include a heavy duty diesel engine complying with U.S. EPA emissions regulations, a 12 leads reconnectable Leroy Somer alternator with an PMG-grade auxiliary excitation, an automatic voltage regulator, fully digital control panel, ABB main line circuit breaker for overload protection, Integrated fuel tank, high performance silencer, and many other standard features.

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Rental Generators

Rental Generators