3ATSA30400CG0F Series 300 - ASCO | Automatic, 400 AMP

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400 AMP ASCO Transfer Switch, 3 Pole NEMA3R 208V
ASCO ATS Series 300 3ATSA30400CG0F

Without a constant flow of electric power the telecom, agriculture, light industrial and municipal industries, as well as your home would halt. One way to remedy this is by getting a generator that has the capability to power up your home and office equipment. However, the generator is just half of the solution. You need to have reliable equipment that will ensure that the power delivered to your home and or business is stable and reliable. The original ASCO Series 300 Automatic Transfer Switch is one such equipment that will ensure that all your electrical components are running even when utility power goes out – without you lifting a finger. 

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

The 100% original ASCO 400 Amp, 3 Pole, NEMA3R, 208V, Series 300, 3ATSA30400CG0F ATS is an electrical switch designed to switch the load between two sources. This ATS will sense when your utility power is lost and signal your generator to start. 

The ASCO Series 300 ATS is similar to the thermostat in your office or home. However, instead of monitoring your room temperature the ATS continuously monitors your utility power for signs of failure. When utility power fails or becomes insufficient, the Automatic Transfer Switch will inform the auxiliary power source to start. Once utility is back on, your generator is safely shut down, and the load transferred back to utility power source. 

How Does the ASCO 400 Amps Series 300 Function?

• The ASCO Series 300, 400 Amps ATS monitors the incoming voltage from the utility power line continuously
• When utility source is interrupted the ATS immediately senses the problem and tells the generator to kick in
• When the generator is running at the proper speed, the ATS switches off the utility line while simultaneously opening the generator power line
• In seconds, your generator provides the necessary power for critical loads in your business or home. The ATS never stops monitoring your utility supply condition
• When utility line voltage is once again steady, the ATS will transfer the load back to utility and resume monitoring for any further utility loss
• The ATS will allow your generator to run for a cool-down period of a few minutes before it is finally shut down

Features of the ASCO 400 Amp Series 300 ATS

In addition to providing reliable transfer of business-critical loads to emergency sources, the ASCO 400 Amp Series 300 offers you the following features: 
• A user-friendly control interface LCD display with intuitive symbols
• A rugged construction that offers you many years of complete reliability
• A product that is capable of handling extraordinary demands placed on the switch while switching high inrush loads and stalled motors
• A compact, modular design that is easy to install, maintain, and inspect
• A high-quality product that meets NFPA 110 for emergency and standby power systems
• A unique ASCO single-solenoid operator that prevents the transfer of loads to dead sources
• A compact product that will virtually fit anywhere in your application

Advantages of the ASCO Series 300 ATS

Original ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches from Emerson can be used in various environments ranging from light commercial to residential applications. Other benefits that come with your purchase include:
• Highest quality products in the world
• 24 hours, 7 days a week technical support
• A product engineered, designed and manufactured by ASCO in North America for North America
• An impressive range of component selection 
• A product specially designed for service entrance applications

Get the advantage of having your emergency power system equipped with the best technology offered by ASCO transfer switches. 

The ASCO 400 Amps 3 Poles NEMA3R 208V Automatic Transfer Switch (3ATSA30400CG0F) is an original product that will ensure the safety of your coworkers, loved ones, assets and equipment. 

Remember, buying original offers you the best success rates, performance, quality, and unequivocal peace of mind with a warranty you can trust.


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