3ATSA30200CG0F Series 300 - ASCO | Automatic, 200 AMP

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When the power goes out, your business suffers. The ASCO Series 300 200AMP Automatic Transfer Switch continuously monitors your primary power supply and automatically starts generator operation in the event of a power outage. With the ASCO 200AMP Automatic Transfer Switch, you can rest assured that essential systems continue to operate during an unexpected loss of power without the need to manually start your generator.

3ATSA30200CF0F ASCO Automatic, 200AMP Product Description

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

Commercial generators are an integral part of your business continuity plan, but they are only part of the backup power equation. An automatic transfer switch works with your generator or auxiliary power source to start when your primary source of power fails. 

200AMP ASCO Transfer Switch Performance:

The durable and compact ASCO 200AMP ATS utilizes a Group “G” controller (technology by ASCO) that guarantees seamless and steadfast generator operation in any environment. When the ASCO 200AMP Automatic Transfer Switch 3 Pole detects a loss of power, it completes a series of steps to ensure your most critical systems and devices continue to operate uninterrupted:

  1. One second after failure of utility power, the 200AMP ATS tells your generator to start
  2. Within 30 seconds, power is restored to critical systems and devices.
  3. When utility power is back to acceptable voltage levels for a certain period, the ATS automatically reconnects your systems and devices back to your primary power source.
  4. For smooth shut down, your generator will run for two to five minutes (referred to as the cool-down period) before it stops completely. This process protects the lifespan of your generator. 

200AMP ASCO Transfer Switch Features and Capabilities:

Designed to transfer critical loads in case of major power outages, the ASCO 200AMP 3 Poles Automatic Transfer Switch is backed by ASCO Power Technologies, a worldwide industry leader in designing, engineering and manufacturing transfer switches. 

Other features of the ASCO 200AMP ATS include: 

  • A compact, modular design for easy wall- or floor-mounted installation, inspection and maintenance
  • Listed to UL 1008 standard for total system loads
  • Listed to CSA standard C22.2 for automatic transfer switches
  • Unique ASCO single-solenoid operator
  • RoHS compliant Group “G” controller

Group “G” Controller

The ASCO 200AMP ATS utilizes the Group “G” controller for reliable and consistent operation in any environment. The controller’s graphical LCD display makes transfer switch operation and parameter setting adjustments easy without the need to open the enclosure door. Controller features include: 

  • An easy-to-use 128*64 graphical LCD screen, soft keypad and LED indicators
  • Self-contained design requires no other components for efficient operation 
  • Options to set delayed or open transition transfer operation
  • Multilingual user interface for monitoring and configuration
  • No required external metering devices for voltage and frequency monitoring

With proper configuration and installation, the ASCO Automatic 200AMP Automatic Transfer Switch is designed to control many different types of generators. With an ASCO Series 300 ATS Transfer Switch, you can rest assured that your business will continue to operate uninterrupted during an unexpected loss of power.


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