KOHLER SDMO MICS Telys 2 Digital Control Panel

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SDMO MICS Telys 2 Digital Control Panel

The SDMO MICS Telys 2 Digital Control Panel is designed to provide efficient control of the operation of your generator, both at location and remotely. This product was engineered and is manufactured by SDMO, a division of Kohler Products located in France. SDMO is the third largest diesel generator manufacturer worldwide. The SDMO MICS Telys 2 Digital Control Panel is an improved user friendly panel that was inspired by the NEXYS control panel, and includes new functions than can cover most standard applications. 

The SDMO MICS Telys 2 Digital Control Panel is in stock and will be shipped the same day.

Features of the SDMO MICS Telys 2 Digital Control Panel

This is an improved product that features a large backlit screen and a ridged wheel, which lets you scroll through the menu and make your selections with a single touch. Convenient buttons for start, stop, menu and escape are located on the interface. The drop down menu includes explanations that are easy to understand.
The SDMO MICS Telys 2 Digital Control Panel has four operating modes that can be accessed through buttons on the display module. Those modes include automatic, manual, stop and test. The buttons are color coded blue for ease of location and operation of this product. The product does not allow automatic operation if an alarm, fault or external command event has occurred.

An excellent feature of this product is the ability to view the operating perimeters and control the unit remotely through a computer, mobile phone or a land line telephone network without the need for any special software. 

Specifications of the SDMO MICS Telys 2 Digital Control Panel

IRS 485 Port for specialized communication
An Ethernet port for connection to a modem or working on the intranet
A USB host port

Operating temperature: -15°C to +60°C
Storage temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Resistance to shocks: IK01, vibration: to CEI68-2-6
Salt mist resistance is 96 hours according to EN68011-2-11
Humidity: 95 % of humidity at 45°C.
EMC: Generic standards EN50081-2 and EN50082-2-Emissions EN55011 Class A -Immunity EN61000-4.2, EN6100-4.3, EN61000-4.4, EN61000-4.6, EN61000-4.8, ENV50201

Technical characteristics include indication and fault/shutdown for oil temperature, low oil level, and water heater failure and alarm/warning for oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, air damper control, and starter 2 control.

Max switching voltage: 250Vac 
Electro-flaps outputs: 500mA & CIC remote contact:1A 
MX coil control output: 4.9A (optional relay on baseplate)

Protected against short-circuit

C14/C15 connector, auxiliaries voltage selection
C7 dip-switch, RS485 terminator 
P3 dip-switch, CAN bus terminator 
Dip-switch selection for VDE option
4-wire, unisolated, on current transformer with 5A secondary (not built into the electronics)

Advantages of the SDMO MICS Telys 2 Digital Control Panel

This product offers many advantages over other control panels, including the easy to read and understand menu and the ability to control your generator operations remotely. This 100 percent original product has a one year international warranty and technical support is provided. It has been factory tested and certified as a quality, fully operational product.

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